Clash at the Cradle • Vintage for Power

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    NYSE Vintage for Power!

    Time: 11:00 AM Players Meeting & Round 1 (10:00 AM Registration)
    Entry Fee: $40 (RSVP Below!)
    15 Proxy Cards

    Prize support will scale with attendance, but first place prize of an Unlimited Mox Ruby is guaranteed (Pictures Below)! All dealer credit will be through The Bearded Dragon, renowned for their great supply of Vintage staples at competitive prices!

    Prize Structure: (Guaranteed at At 40 players)

    1st Place – Unlimited Mox Ruby, NYSE Bye, Bearded Dragon Games Black Lotus Open Invite
    2nd Place - $350 Bearded Dragon Games Credit
    3rd-4th Place - $125 Bearded Dragon Games Credit
    5th-8th Place - $75 Bearded Dragon Games Credit

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