24 February 2018: Romancing The Stones pt 2 [17 players]

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    Yesterday, we returned for the second part of the Romancing The Stones series. After announcing the event a little bit late, we were thrilled to have 17 players duking it out at Austin Beerworks. This time, we were battling for cash and a Mox Jet playmat.

    After 5 rounds of swiss, our standings were:

    1. Patrick Vincent: Paradoxical Mentor
    2. Stuart Ziarnik: Bargain Storm
    3. Brian Tweedy: Inferno Oath
    4. Sam Katz: Paradoxical Mentor
    5. Johnny Angulo: UR Delver
    6. Chris Huckabee: Punishing Oath
    7. David Mallett: Team Leovold
    8. Ian Files: RUG Walkers
    9. Jack Belingrath: Bargain Storm
    10. Rob Connolly: Moon Stompy
    11. TJ Boyd: Blue Stew
    12. Ian Jefferies: Tezzeret Workshop Combo Insanity
    13. Jacob Zernick: 5C Humans
    14. Woodrow Bogucki: Paradoxical Storm
    15. Matt Bock: Grixis Thieves
    16. Alex Tune: 5C Humans
    17. Joel Peabody: Welder Shenanigans

    So, a much different meta than last time! Specifically, no Shops or Eldrazi - what the hell type of format is this?!

    The top 4 played it out, with Patrick Vincent eventually toppling Brian Tweedy in the finals . . .
    . . . and taking home the mat:

    And thus, our top 4 for Romancing The Stones pt II was:

    1. Patrick Vincent: Paradoxical Mentor
    2. Brian Tweedy: Inferno Oath
      3/4. Stuart Ziarnik: Bargain Storm
      3/4. Sam Katz: Paradoxical Mentor

    A heinous picture of our Top 4:

    And now for pics of the day . . .

    Guys bein' dudes:

    Me attempting to beat double Thalia:

    There's more than one insane Paradox card in Kaladesh:

    Woodrow, seconds before discovering that the Paradoxical deck he was borrowing didn't have outs to hatebears:

    Oath vs. tiny proxies:

    Me, trying to math:

    Two decks that can both play Arlinn Kord:

    Everyone signed my Brainstorm!

    Thanks again to everyone for coming out! March looks to be a crazy month, so we're looking at 4/14 for our next event & will confirm the date soon.

  • The decks look awesome! I heard there was some mindslaver action from Jacob.

  • @bscheidemann Hell yeah. There were also some sweet Scheidemann-brand proxies in attendance. Hope you’re able to make it out next time.

  • Patrick was excited to show off his winning deck, so here it is along with his 1st place playmat: