This won't stop (Paradoxical) storm combo more than other current answers since the archetype already often ran end-of-turn Hurkyl's Recall maindeck. The bigger problem is that more opposing archetypes will have access to a maindeckable hoser.

In other words, in the context of the Storm matchup, this card is more a question of ubiquity than power. Paradoxical Outcome decks, paradoxically, may even win out slightly if these replace some amount of Null Rod slots.

This card would be much more effective against prison variants of Shops. It is a bit too situational against Ravager Shops given that decks propensity for playing out its hand on turn 1 or 2. This seems aimed for Modern where it hits Tron and Storm as a colorless hoser.

Don't hit I'm a noob in Vintage : isn't this card a great boon for Oath decks ? They seem to not really try too hard to play more than one spell per turn.

@bazaarofbaghdad I do not think it would replace null rod, it would be an add on. This card helps your combo match and your workshop match up.

If you are on Blue Stew or LandStill you already have a pyroblast/flusterstorm main deck for PO. This main deck gives you one more thing for them to stop before go off.

You play Defense Grid and they play this you need one more spell before you can get going.

If you are Mentor then you cannot pump him big enough fast enough, and they can catch up.

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Really interesting card design, but I doubt it'll see any play outside of Colorless Eldrazi. Shops obviously doesn't want or need it. I don't think White Eldrazi does either (seems worse than Glowrider, Wingmare, Null Rod, etc).

@chubbyrain We can also destroy Hrishi's hopes and dreams in every way imaginable, so that's a strong upside to this card.

I just realized that Mana Flare makes all lands colorless with this card. That is just funny - LOL


No it doesn’t. Mana flare is a triggered ability and mana flare adds the mana, not the land.

Mana flare used to read “it” which was undefined. The card’s oracle has been updated.

Mana reflection is a more complicated interaction. I believe you would get to choose chose which replacement ability and would end up with 2 mana still. I’m not sure on this.

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@gkraigher I think you can't apply the Sphere replacement effect unless you've applied the Mana Reflection's one, and then you have to apply the Sphere's nerf.

This card, in theory, should stop all the whining about our favorite repeatable lotus land and its call for restriction. . . But it won’t. Mark my words. facepalm.

@stormanimagus Posts should, in theory, contain substantive content and not what is essentially flamebait. Care to explain what effect this will have against Ravager Shops, what decks can use it effectively, what cards they will cut to include it, and why you think it will reduce Ravager Shops win percentage from 59% to 50% and metagame share from ~30% to ~20%?

@gkraigher Is that really how Mana Flare works now? It's a triggered ability?

@stormanimagus said in Damping Sphere:

This card, in theory, should stop all the whining about our favorite repeatable lotus land and its call for restriction. . . But it won’t. Mark my words. facepalm.

If your theory was correct then lotus and the moxen should be well contained enough to be off the restricted list because null rod stops them so well.

@protoaddct Workshop is a far more restricted Black Lotus in terms of what it can cast. Players fail to acknowledge the fact that Shops is playing with fully 1/6th of the possible colors that the game has to offer. This restriction, in my opinion, more than accounts for the mana boost. Your argument is a tired one that doesn't compare one entirely busted mana source with another correctly at all.

Tolarian academy is restricted. Closer parallel? This shuts it down, is it safe to come off the unrestricted list like shops is? It also only provides mana for a small fraction of the available card pool.


@gkraigher Is correct. Mana abilities may be both activated or triggered:

I think Mana Reflection works slightly differently than you say, @gkraigher. From the release notes:

If multiple replacement effects would modify what mana an ability you control produces, choose one to apply. After that, determine if any others are applicable. A replacement effect can't apply to the same event more than once this way.

So if you tap a land that would normally produce one mana, you would apply Mana Reflection first as it's the only applicable replacement effect initially. You then check and see that Damping Sphere is now applicable, so the mana is reduced to C.

If you tap a land that would normally produce two mana, you have two possible replacement effects to choose from initially, and then the second is applied. You can either apply Mana Reflection first and end up with C after Damping Sphere, or apply Damping Sphere first and end up with CC after Mana Reflection.

That's my take on it. Maybe a judge can chime in? It kinda looks like this thread is going to devolve into another B&R spat, but I hope we get a ruling before this gets buried.


Current oracle text of mana flare:

Whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player adds one mana to his or her mana pool of any type that land produced.

So it is a triggered ability on tapping a land for mana; the enchantment produces the additional mana, not the land.

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@chubbyrain I've explained that about Mana Reflection already, though in a much more concise manner. You act as if I didn't exist. Also we don't need judges for that one.

@timewalking Your post was the first one on a new page for me and I simply missed it. Sorry. And I always like clarification from a judge on rules questions no matter how confidant I am.

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