"De-Oracle-izing" and "Antiquating" Modern Cards

Great nostalgic flavor on these. Brings back memories of when Legends had just come out.

These are awesome man. More!

My most cherished thing I own is my old-frame cube (Alpha to Scourge). There have been times that I've wanted to re-template/re-design some choice modern cards to slot in from time to time to shake things up.

@dr-j and @darkquarterer Thanks! I'll see if I can resize a couple more down. I said in another post a couple of days ago that the Legends era is easily my favorite just because art and flavor were so high, along with the utter weirdness of some design choices.

I ended up making this Metalworker, not because I don't think the original art is incredibly cool, but because I needed one for the cube and enjoyed the clunky text as a sort of a nod to the steampunk sensibility of the card.


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I can't overstate how much more beautiful I find these than contemporary cards.

Crucible and metalworker are amazing. Great job.

@mediumsteve @Senor_Bisquick Thanks for the props! I thought I'd share this one as well:


I didn't add planeswalkers here because again I figured that it would be something that wouldn't exist in an older set! Also there are no planeswalkers in this particular cube so it doesn't become much of an issue. Once again, trying to capture the flavor of cards like Nevinyrral's Disc calling out everything except lands, and the more conversational tone of early rules text.

I thought I'd post this one as well, I forgot I do have ONE planeswalker in the cube. Posted large here for obvious reasons 🙂

This was a toughie, but I think captures a key element of early magic: Ye Olde Wall of Text a la Chains of Mephistopheles! While it doesn't necessarily nail every nuance of planeswalkers, I like the vibe so much! Why aren't there old people in the (airquotes) Gatewatch??? Young people. And their "loyalty" counters. That's why.

In MY Day we had CHIPS and we LIKED 'em!


Holy God, that's what I'm talking about! I could totally imagine pulling this guy out of a Legends pack. Great work!

@bandswithothers seems sweet. But what’s with the combat redirection part? Shouldn’t it read combat damage done to you can be re-directed to Jace? Not from Jace to a creature.
The abilities should also read only once per turn and as a sorcery.
Needs more text 🙂

@mourningpalace Hah! You know I almost made him a Wall to keep from having to add the cannot attack text. Maybe I can take another look at the template and go down to 4 point text...from 4.5 or whatever it currently is! The nice thing about cube is that we all know what the cards do so it’s just a goof....but now that you’ve said it...challenge accepted....

Also, the combat redirection was trying to get the fact that he can be attacked directly instead of you, but that you can still assign a blocker. Maybe should also add something about only spells that could target a player can target him.

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Okay @mourningpalace after a lot of squinting and figuring out where I installed all of my fonts...My one big worry going with text this small is that it starts to look "not like a magic card" lol, but I think it gets the job done...


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