TMD OPEN #19 - May 12, 2018 - Oakville, CT

FNM going on right now. You should come hang out!

Also, 6 spots left right now(the list above is not current). Who else is coming?

@iamfishman I'm definitely too far away to play in the FNM, but hopefully I'll get to run into people later!

Good luck to everyone playing in the main event tomorrow! And by that I mean, the trivia contest of course.

Is this event going to have coverage?

@jimtosetti there's usually a live stream but no commentary. I'll post a link here when I know it.

Inspired by Peach's EW coverage, I think I'm going to try and tweet as much of the event as I can 🙂 @tmdbrassman / #tmdopen19

What was the top 8? Anyone know the archetypes at least?

Oh...ran into Ashok today who told me 1) about this event and 2) that the site still exists, basically. I was even playing FNM in Nashua, NH Friday 11th, could easily have stopped off in Waterbury on the way home and come to the event. I still have cards...

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