Best shell for thing in the ice?

  • What would be the best shell for thing in the ice? I guess a gush engine based deck. But could it for example be also used in a Doomsday deck as alternative win condition?

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    I think it is possible that something like Grixis Control might also be interesting since Snapcaster and TitI are best friends. That deck also has a problem beating all the gush tempo critter decks, so Thing in the Ice might be the answer.

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    I have also been thinking that maybe Thing in the Ice might allow for gifts to have some game against the tempo decks? It certainly buys some time, though I don't know if that is the only problem with gifts at the moment (see flusterstorm's existence).

  • I was fiddling around with a list featuring TITI (, Vampire Hexmage, and Dark Depths/Thespians stage. The list would have all the blue cantrips (except gush) Jace VP, demonic, vampiric, imperial seal, Duress/Thoughtseize and stuff like that.

    I have done literally 0 testing but I may Proxy it up and see how it runs.

  • @garbageaggro Yes. I'd say something like creature lean 2/1 control or anything that right now is running restoration Angel would be a good place to start looking for a shell.

  • @p3temangus im testing a U+B Storm Shell. its cantrips + counters, with 4 rituals 1 petition 1 tendrils. Lets me go off alot easier when u have a thing on the field i only need a 7 spell chain + TiTi hit (7) for a full life opponent. That usually means i only need to do a 4-5 chain in a typical game where fetches and such wear down my opponent slightly.

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