@childe_roland Crucible is very bad against Dack Faden, it does seem like there should be a slot for it in vintage lands, even in the board against shops but funnily it's not quite as good as you'd think.

A few weeks ago @ChubbyRain played this deck. I have no clue how he did because I didn't watch, but The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Bojuka Bog seem like the only damn cards left that Dredge doesn't build to sidestep in a post-London world. Bonus points for stunting on anyone brewing with Mystic Gate (EDIT: Mystic Forge. Thanks unremarkable WotC card names!) a la Force of Vigor.

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Wow, Wrenn & Six are strong. I also made up a list and tested a bit, which is the direction I see the lands deck going. The list is a huge pile of 75.

3 Mox Diamond
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Emerald
1 Black Lotus

1 Crucible of Worlds
1 Trinisphere
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Zuran Orb
1 Fastbond
1 Sylvan Library

1 Ancestral Recall
2 Enlightened Tutor
3 Mental Misstep
2 Force of Vigor
1 Ancient Grudge

1 Strip Mine
1 Ghost Quarter
3 Wasteland

3 Riftstone Portal
3 Bazaar of Baghdad
1 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
2 Taiga
1 Waterlogged Grove
1 Fiery Islet
1 Savannah
1 Tropical Island
3 Wooded Foothills
1 Dark Depths
2 Thespian's Stage

4 Wrenn and Six
1 Dack Fayden

1 Time Walk
3 Life from the Loam
1 Balance
4 Living Wish
1 Wheel of Fortune

1 Ramunap Excavator
1 Collector Ouphe
1 Eternal Witness
1 Yixlid Jailer
1 Tireless Tracker
1 Manglehorn

1 Bojuka Bog
1 Dark Depths
1 Bazaar of Baghdad
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Glacial Chasm
1 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

2 Ravenous Trap
1 Force of Vigor

As i've seen, it feels a bit like old 5c Stax lists, denying mana, locking the game up.
(Yes, zuran orb is bad. it is the WIN more button. helps when low on life. draw the deck, infinite life, etc. Courser works, too. kindof. The rest of the cards are legitimate. It is able to win easily with wrenn+waste, then living wish for collector's ouphe.)

It's probably not streamlined enough, though.

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