[DOM] Dominaria Rules Change

It's finally time for my Dack Fayden + Lava Dart deck to shine.

@brass-man I can't wait to steal two Planeswalkers with one Fire/Ice.

Gut shot steal is the pro play. "Oh, you have 4 mental misstep, a 1 mana free card? That's Cute. I HAVE 8 1 MANA FREE CARDS"

So does Earthquake still kill Planeswalkers or not?

@desolutionist said in [DOM] Dominaria Rules Change:

So does Earthquake still kill Planeswalkers or not?

Earthquake doesn't target so no.

If Earthquake no longer impacts Planeswalkers then this is a big hit to the Baral Burning Wish deck. Also, the most iconic anti-Jace card of all time, Blightning, now does nothing?

This change is nearly as big as the stack rules change or the mulligan change... so many changes

Side note; Earthquake is better than Rolling because you kill Zombie tokens but not Narcomoebas.

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@desolutionist Blightning does technically do 3 damage to target player. We'll have to wait to see the specific eratta but I would wager it gets functionally preserved with "that player or that planeswalker's controller discards two cards."

By the rules above, Blightening should still be able to hit planeswalkers. The discard 2 cards is not part of a calculation or information used to determine damage. Its simply a secondary effect of the spell. A player with 0 cards in hand can be targeted and damaged by blightening so there is no reason a planeswalker couldn't be. And the discarding 2 cards has no affect or bearing on the damage done to the player. I guess we'll have to wait for the errata to be sure, but from the rules above, blightening should still hit planeswalkers.

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