[04/15/18] - [Los Angeles, CA] - Knight Ware Monthly Unsanctioned Vintage $15/$20+ entry

  • Knight Ware's April Unsanctioned Vintage Playtest Tournament is on Sunday the 15th, 2018 at 2PM PDT

    This will be one of our Store Credit Vintage events.
    Start time will be 2:00 PM and REL will be Regular

    facebook link

    Knight Ware has a few decks (with 10/15 playtest cards)
    available to borrow if anyone needs.
    Most of the Decks need updating
    If you need to borrow a deck, send a list.
    If you just need to borrow a few cards, ask I might have them available

    Cash Entry fee
    $15 and you get up to 10 playtest cards
    $20 and you get 11-15 playtest cards
    $1 each after 15
    ALL entry fees go into the prize pool
    (credit cards still fine for other purchases)

    Playtest cards
    (Up to 15 cards (more if you really want to pay extra) in your deck can be substituted with other "clearly
    identified" cards)
    Removing text with acetone or an eraser and using an extra fine point sharpie pen
    to cross out the irrelevant text and write the real text is the best approach.

    Peeled foils are ok, see here
    If anyone wants me to do some like the ones in the above link, email me a list and bring
    4 crap replacement foils to the event for each card you want done
    (many don't survive the process)

    Pieces of paper, either glued or not glued
    will not be permitted inside the sleeve.
    Whiteout is not allowed.
    Ball point should not be used as it dents the card

    Prize Pool
    All entry fees will be given back in store credit, top 4 - top 8 depending on turnout