6/3/18 - Livonia, Mi - Unlimited Proxy for an Unlimited Time Walk

I haven't made it out in a long time but I don't want to miss this tournament (need to get me a Time Walk again!). Outside of an emergency, I'm going. 🙂

We should try to get a late night dinner set up to bullshit with everybody.

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I will be there also. Gotta get power somehow

@zodiacboyscout You are going to have to get through me, and this rarely fares well for you.

Holy shitballs! Wish I still lived in Indiana so I could drive up for this. Lots of nostalgia and love for RIW. Best wishes for a great time to all the competitors.

Sorry, I just returned from a trip to Europe the day before and could not make it to this one. Hope turnout was good and that there will be more of these in the future.

How did this one go anyhow?

We had 26 players, and a pretty diverse top 8. I will have results thread shortly

@shaman-ben Cool nice turn out... missing this one hurts.

@topical_island The event was a ton of fun. It would have been great to have you out

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