5/4/18 - Pittsburgh, PA Old School Meet-up & Tourney

Hi all,

6 of the members of the Iron City Old School Magic group have confirmed to be meeting up at Legions in the North Hills of Pittsburgh on May 4th around 7PM, to Jam some old school before we get into the summer vacation season. The only entry-fee is a playable Old School card (no min or max value, just something cool!), and ending standings will then draft those cards.

Even if you aren't interested in the tournament, we have some budget decks put together that you can use. Please just message me in advance so that I can coordinate.

Also, please let me know any other questions, and please join the Iron City Old School Magic group on Facebook, if you currently use the platform.


I'm in Warren, OH.

Cool that you guys are meeting up. I can't make this one but do post again when you have your next meet up.

Have fun!

@cleverpseudonym we actually meet up every Friday for Old School, but we posted this as a formal event on Facebook to drum up some new players as it's the same 5 or 6 guys every Friday. We'd be happy to have you any Friday night. Please join the group if you'd like and reach out to me or Joe, the group Admin, if you have any questions!

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