5/6/2018 Houston, TX - 100% PROXY Vintage @Brash Brewing Co


    Quick facts:

    Date: May 6, 2018
    Location: Brash Brewing Company 508 W Crosstimbers Rd, Houston, TX 77018 [MAP]
    Registration Time: 12:30 PM
    Event Begins: 1:00 PM
    Entry Fee: $10 - EXACT CHANGE ONLY
    Payout: TBD, see below.
    Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
    Proxy rules: Don't make us need to make a proxy rule!

    About Brash

    Getting there: [MAP] Google Maps places 508 a bit off. If you're heading West on Crosstimbers, be in the right lane. Immediately after some apartments, you'll see a small driveway with a tall wooden fence and then some more apartments. That driveway is where you want to be! [pic]

    Beers: Be warned - Brash exclusively makes strong beers. If yoremoteu're going to have more than a couple, you should definitely have a DD or use Uber/Lyft!

    Most of the tables at Brash are picnic style tables so a playmat would definitely be a good idea.


    Cash: We payout ~80% of entry fee in cash top top 4. The remainder is kept to pay for the playmat and tournament expenses.

    Brash has offered a free crowler of beer to our first place winner.

    We have a Stanley-Cup-esque playmat. Each tournament, the playmat is be inscribed with the date, location, and winner of the tournament, along with some space for the player to add a doodle. This playmat will be passed each week to the new champion to play with at the next tournament! The finished mat from our first season looks like this:


    Decklists are required. We do not perform deck checks but we want lists so we can post them. Have bad handwriting? Use the decklist generator here! Blank deck registration sheets will be available on site. Please don't put anything on your decklist that you don't want to be seen publicly as your decklist may be scanned and uploaded in full.

    You may also email your decklist as plain text to sam at lonestarlhurgoyfs dot com the day of the tournament.

    Other stuff

    If anyone is planning on coming from out of town, please contact one of the Houston crew if you'd like us to arrange something post-Magic. After most big Legacy events, we generally go out as a group to avail ourselves of the city's excellent food and drink options, and we'd love to show them off to you, too!

    It would be greatly appreciated if your decklist was filled out and ready before our scheduled start time of 1PM.