[Free Bad Podcast, Don't listen!] Tusk Talk Episode #5: Shops Get Smoked!

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    Shawn French (Frenchie), Zack Wilson (DEEEEEEED), and Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) are joined (late) by blue afficienado Greg Mitchell (hotcarl) for the fifth episode of Tusk Talk. In this episode we take a look at the various BBQ styles, the April 4th banned and restricted announcement, and the pile known as Tin Fins.

    Podcast (tusktalk): Download (Duration: 1:56:09 — 106.3MB)

    00:00: Intro and BBQ Texas vs. Everyone
    11:00: Forcing Black Lotus?
    17:00: Lodestone Golem is Restricted, rationale, reaction
    40:00: What about Oath? Don’t you want someone to care about you?
    50:00: Timing of the decision
    60:00: Gorging on the new metagame
    70:00: Teeg Strikes Back
    80:00: What would Mishra do?
    90:00: Tinfins Idiocy
    95:00: Upcoming Events
    Total runtime: 1:56:09

    Note: Recorded April 5, 2016

    Contact us at TuskTalk@gmail.com.

  • Link, please 🙂

  • So bad the link even sucked!

  • Bad or not, I am looking forward to more vintage content to listen to. Thanks!

  • Thiss was actually entertaining , many laughs. Glad you guys put this out. Will listen to it again during lunch 🙂

  • I really enjoyed this podcast - informed, funny. Of course it didn't hurt that I agreed with basically every point that was made. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Thanks for the feedback. Normally the crew wants to talk Legacy, but this was an important BNR. Our opinions were kind of split down the middle (on Golem, mostly agreed on BBQ).

  • @nedleeds
    In which case,
    Next one could we touch a bit on vintage/Legacy elves and gobos and how they could potentially make a few ripples once more in the vintage format now that both chalice and lsg are restricted? (mostly speaking of elves here)

  • Some day, there will be a GP Austin and I will spend an entire day driving the Atalanta crew around the hill country educating them about Texas barbecue and forcing them to listen to Robert Earl Keen.