EW Europe, 2018 - Congrats to Alfonso Zarzoso on Mentor!


I'm the missing top8 player. I was playing dredge, but the deck abandoned me in first game (mull to oblivion in
the worst moment), and a great City un a bottle destroyed my two bazaar hand on G2

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Regarding top 8 corrections, JAA Lopez was on Grixis Control, Zarzoso on UWR Mentorpyro, Henrik Storm at his second top8, danish taxing player on Eldrazi MUD, Cob, from the US, but not a Vintage regular as confirmed by @qq on sort of PO, AR Villardell on my same deck, FRANCESCO GIANI leaguemate of mine from Italy and yours truly on @chubbyrain deck. From what I remember on top of my head, top 16 figured @thiim which I own my top8 to on Traxos MUD, Enrico Vair from Italy with BUGR Xerox and @peach on my same deck.

José Alacio was said to be on Moatzu Control because his nick on MOL is Moatzu and he plays his version of Grixis Thieves (and has been having success with it in the last 8 months), Alfonso was on Togores mentor because this is the deck Togores and Sergio Matesanz play in the LMV and on MOL.
Regarding Axel Cob, we saw some of his hands and we called it Fantasy deck because it had all the combos (PO, Dark Petition) and tried to do a lot of things.
Sorry if archetype names were missleading, but we did what we could with the info we had LIVE on site.

BTW it was great meeting you @Log and being able to talk about a little bit of everything during the EW.

There is not a single line about EU EW on WoTC site besides announcement from January. Didn't really expect full coverage or anything near that, but some simple article about it would be nice. Thx to @PeAcH , @Log and all other who shared info with us.

@matori yeah!

If I didn't make it clear before because I was distracted by my rant, I'm super grateful that @PeAcH and @Log were able to gather info about the event, I don't know how I would have found anything out without them.

In my mind, at least, the best things about vintage have always been built by the the players, and I think this is an example of that.

When you hijack a tournament results thread to talk about B&R not only do you take credit away from the winners but you also attempt to make the thread about you and your opinions. Not cool.

Grats to Zarzoso and the rest of the top 8!

@nsammael Well done! You did the Dredge family proud.

Very eager to see the jeskai landstill deck 🙂

Congrats to all the top 8!

I finally have time to edit my response and answer.

@qq That doesn't look like the full Silent Mentor package (multiple MBT and Stony Silence main), just has one rod effect main and one in the sideboard with a manabase much like @13NoVa EW NA deck. I'm not sure about the choice, I preferred @ChubbyRain approach that had 3 decks in top 16, at least before Traxos.

@Brass-Man I might have expressed myself really bad, but I wasn't complaining about the format or the metagame at all, I was presenting the dire situation Vintage is in EU and complaining about the fact that this leads to a less up-to-date playing field. One should look at tournament results here knowing that and with so few event here, there is no way one would play enough to grow tired of any imbalance of the meta, if there were one or not.

@PeAcH It was awesome meeting you and all the other guys, I will eventually come to the LCV, I'll let you know via PM.

@matori WotC hasn't been about EW on the mothership since the most recent 2-3 editions IIRC.

@Tittliewinks22 Francesco played an UWR Landstill that is basically a drain control shell in the Jeskai colors that tries to leverage the fact that he usually is the most experienced player by using Standstill. (Francesco is an old guard player, even traveled to Gencon back in the days)

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a manabase much like @13NoVa EW NA deck.

Funny enough, I am most likely playing Jeskai at SCGCon, and I am going to keep the exact same mana base. Strip Mine is a gimmick that sometimes feels great, but often feels horrible. And why cripple yourself with a 14 card sideboard?

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Hi, it's Alfonso Zarzoso. VCF is also my MTGO nick.
I just discover this thread. Thanks everyone for the messages

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