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Speaking of Tinker, I am eschewing a lot of the most "powerful" win conditions in Vault/Key and Tinker + Robot.

Were there any games where you drew tinker and thought, 'Crap, I wish BSC or vault/key to tinker up here' and if so what would you cut for them?

@khahan I have no Tinker in the deck. I actually was quite happy with Karn in that spot.

@chubbyrain Honestly, the thing I hate the most (and the most unfixable problem with the deck) is how hot and cold the deck runs. Sometimes, you're like "HURR DURR here's Karn->Outcomes", and other times you're "...I have cast 1 business spell, it got countered, I'm drawing nothing but mana".

When you're running hot, you're utterly unbeatable. When you're running cold, it's a miserable experience.

Thanks for sharing these decks. I've actually been working on one similar to your U/W control for a while now; will post a report after the tournament this Sunday.

Someone else 5-0'd with the Esper Karnage deck. That's awesome! Consider giving it a go if you have the cards.


I think the only change I made was to cut Tezz, Agent for Karn number 3. I found getting the UB mana for Tezz to be non-trivial and Karn much easier to cast.

One of the changes i've made which I like is cutting the Library of Alexandria for a maindeck Ancient Tomb. You just don't want to be playing a long game with the deck, so just having more ability to just slam Karn onto the table is great.

@chubbyrain If I bought back to vintage online, this really seems like a deck I'd buy into. It looks like a ton of fun. Has Erayo been impressive since your last comment? It sounded like at some point you weren't sure about that.

@neo_altoid Also a fantastic way to save 800+ dollars for paper 😛

@mdkubiak I played Erayo in a build similar to this and it single handedly won me 2 games. She is very impressive and very easy to flip.

Erayo is good against the control and xerox decks of the format. It's bad against Shops, Dredge and Combo. Metagame accordingly.

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