Captain of the Ship - 1st Place Tournament Report - TMD Open 19

  • Congrats on the win...but wow. You played ONE Erayo and was able to cast and flip it FIVE times??? And your opponents seemed to often mull to 4 or 5 with little to no mana. You had the tinker BSC 2 games in one match AND the time walk? And then that nuts lotus/mox/mox/mentor/ancestral hand...that's quite fortunate on all counts. I can't imagine drawing like that more than a game or 2 in 7 rounds, let alone 9 games!

    That said, good wins.

  • @iamactuallylvl1

    Congrats on your win!

    I was your opponent (on Stax) in round 4. That game 1 was intense, and you played it quite well. Not cracking the fetch in response to my Spyglass stuck out to me in particular. I didn't fully think through the implications of your decision not to crack it. In retrospect it seems clear that you're signalling that mana is not an issue for you. I was trying to keep you just constrained enough on mana that I could edge out the last few points of damage, but I think that was a misguided plan after having no more ways of pressuring your mana (e.g., Ratchet Bomb or Tangle Wire).

  • @thewhitedragon69 Yeah, I would say I drew farrrrrr above average.

  • @senor_bisquick Hey man ggs! Yeah i had a bunch of mana in hand and the top was pretty important to me.

  • @thewhitedragon69 eh, nobody can win a 100+ player tournament without getting a little lucky. You can rest assured, somebody at this event got luckier breaks and threw them away, that's just what the game is.

    Congrats, Justin!

  • Congrats on the win -- it was great playing against you in the semi finals! First time I've ever seen Erayo flipped in paper, let alone on turn 1.

  • Just got around to reading this and I really dig it. I appreciate that you went the extra mile formatting the report with helpful links and images - really adds to the readability. This reminded me a lot of tournament reports we used to see on TMD all the time.

    Keep it up and congrats again on the win 🙂

  • TMD Supporter

    The deck looks sexy as hell.

  • Congrats, man. Thanks for the report (It's not long, ever read my reports?). It's fun and well written and it allowed me to experience TMD Open even if I wasn't present since well I live too far to attend. So far TMD Opens were quite a mystery for me.

    Erayo is pretty mean card...

  • Erayo FTW! Nice work, young boatswain.

  • Thanks for writing this up, it was an enjoyable read