Dark Triad: A deck analysis and tournament report

@dr-j We know that (I read the report). I'm just arguing that's a win-more (you didn't even need it to actually win that game) and a bad card in a lot of spots - meaning every spot where it's not coupled with a Drain.

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@fsecco You can't rely on your opponent's concession.

@dr-j You didn't need it because you were already way ahead and your opponent noticed and conceded. You'd win that game anyway, with or without Geyser, that's the point. Anyway, congrats on the result. 😉

@fsecco Well, okay, theoretically I would have won that game. It's a time management issue. If it was the third game with little time on the clock in that gamestate, without the Geyser my opponent could have chosen to be a butthead and time us out. 🙂

Jace and Kaya are slow as shit, so there are times you want something faster. Yes, Geyser is clunky and without the option to finish I definitely wouldn't run it. If you can think of another finisher that prevents timeouts while offering decent utility, please suggest it.

@dr-j Could a one-of Consecrated Sphinx be an alternative to the Geyser? Closes the game quickly, is a decent way to spend Drain mana, and makes it hard for your opponent to claw back into the game if you're ahead on cards.

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Braingeyser could be Mindtwist, that usually wins games after a Mana Drain 😄

@revengeanceful I would really like this idea but for the Humility. If I ever cut that I would probably incorporate the Sphinx in the list, it's a good suggestion otherwise.

@dr-j Fair enough. How has Humility been for you, in this event and otherwise?

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@revengeanceful The Humility was never a factor in any of my games that I remember, although it certainly could have been. E.g., shutting down Depths if I hadn't gotten the Strip Mine, shutting down Snapcasters. It's there for those types of things, as well as Oath, Ballistas, and random utility creatures.

I did no play testing except for goldfishes, so can't comment otherwise.

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