game often rector-show- flash deck
the problem is that if you think about the possible problems of the deck: bad draw, blue cards to use force, casting cost etc ... etc ... 3x show and tell + emrakul -griselbrand are superior. to 4x arena rector + planeswalker.

@babau The difference is that Arena Rector and the PWs are good draws on their own. SnT and Emrakul/Grisel are dead without one another.

arena rector need a card for "kill" it and need 4 mana .... if draw nicolas bolas p. not is different to draw emrakul...... and very important show need you alternative win condition and need different hate.

@serracollector said in [BBD] Arena Rector:

See Beyond is the Key card just like in Oath.

I facepalmed so hard and reminded myself why I read TMD so rarely. This ststement is blatently false - most top teams at the time tried See Beyond the first week it came out, realized it was stink-ass terrible, and cut it immediately. Saying its a key card in Oath is like saying the wings of a train are the key component.... they dont even exist!

Im pretty sure the bar for terrible deck design starts somewhere along “we have to play see beyond so we can shuffle our 18 dead cards back into our shitty deck”

Rectors have a huge number of advantages over Show and Tell:

  1. You can have 8 in your deck instead of just 4;
  2. Rectors do not need a second combo card in hand to be useful (granted, you do need eventually a way to sacrifice them before they get Plowed);
  3. Rectors are creatures (both are Clerics in fact) and so can be cast uncounterably using Cavern of Souls or Aether Vial.

I would try a BW shell with mana and hand disruption for the early turns (Wasteland, Cabal Therapy, Thalia, etc) and a blue splash for Flash and broken blue spells (Time Walk, Ancestral). I'm not sure if it's good, but Tabernacle feels awfully cute.

just a question :
have you ever played the deck or is it all theory?
aether vial? need 4 counter on it for put rector if play it in round 1 you play rector round 5 ?really fast combo!!!!
is vintage non standard
try to write the list of 60 cards !!!

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@babau Considering the card has yet to be released I would say all of us are theory crafting.

a starting list takes a moment is the playtest that takes some time the problem is that here of discussions of confused ideas that have no practical feedback ... if you played the deck rector -flash know how much it helps show an tell and that without the deck is win a lot more time thanks to show and tell that of the rector

show and tell makes all those cards that would have died in the hands without a brainstorm.

add the deck does not have a real win condition even if you put the plainswalker into play you did not win the game

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