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I really like the idea of taking the deck in a G/x/y color direction rather than trying to dance around future lines with early game fetching. All too often I've found myself trying to guess at color #4 to play to future outs only to be disappointed with what I chose. I haven't been on MODO this month beyond goldfishing with a failed experiment, but I should hopefully return tomorrow to try some of these out. Keep on keeping on, and congrats to Kaluma on getting Survival published for yet another week.

I'm going to stream the Kaluma Anger-less build tomorrow starting around 5:30 PM EDT. The stream can be found here and the decklist I'll be playing can be found here. I'll probably play a Bant version Thursday but I wanted something a bit more familiar to get back into the swing of things. Hope to see everyone then!

@hierarchnoble just when you think you’re out... we pull you back in!

@hierarchnoble I know right! I was thinking about that watching the SCG vintage event. Like, Survival would be abysmal to play in paper for that many rounds...

Some more cards to mess around with:

Brain gorgers
Gerald's masterpiece
Bloodrage brawler
Incorrigible youths
Razormane masticore
Jace, vryn prodigy
Ancient grudge sb

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I really don’t like the Bant version. It just doesn’t have enough for some reason.

@wfain Just finished a 5-0 league to get a Bant list posted 😄
I am really liking it. Mana base is real smooth and I feel like I have tools for every matchup. Obviously it's vintage, so some games just turn into blowouts no matter what, but the deck is starting to feel like a well oiled machine. I like containment priest and swords as versatile SB options.
Against shops:
-3 thalias, -judge's familiar, -2 spell queller, -chalice, -thorn, -1 survival.
+3 energy flux, +2 stony, +2 claim, +1 plow, +manglehorn
Against dredge:
-goyf, -mandrils, -chalice, -1 squee, -3/4 noble, -1 spell queller
+2 claim, +plow, +manglehorn, +3 rav traps, +2 priest
Against Blue (no dack, no drs)
-manglehorn, -1/2 noble (trim Hollow against dack, squee against drs)
+2 natures claim, +plow maybe
Against combo:
+traps, +stony, +manglehorn (+plow +1/2 priest against mentor/tinker)
-3/4 noble, -goyf, -mandrills

Edit: adjusted SB notes a bit. Also just finished two more leagues, both at 4-1.


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@serracollector to kill Hollow One. That is a very common plan they’ll use in sideboard games.

@kaluma I usually board out a Forest against non-Wasteland decks

@kaluma said in Survival Salad:


I played this 75 yesterday. It was only a 3 round round-robin, but I went undefeated and had a ton of fun.

Just went 4-1 with the 4c including Spell Queller (which was awesome in a few places). Beat Mr. Kelly on Oath in 3 games, Shops in 2 not close games, Shops in 3 pretty close games, and split 6 games with the same player on RUG Pyromancer/Managorger. I had several mulligans to five in those 6 games and never did anything busted. It still took the opponent drawing nearly perfect to win (also had turn 0 Leyline 3/4 post-board games). This version feels very good to me. Mana is fine on account of having 2 of each dual land and 5 mana creatures. I think I may change the second Nature's Claim back to Abrupt Decay though.


Oh, great. You jerks are running Priest now. 😛

@oestrus honestly I was beating dredge most of the time without it.

@thecravenone fantastic!! were you on the Bant version or 4-color?

dredge matchup is a little swingy. I wanted the priests because i wanted to help there and maybe get a few more percentage points against oath. I've found that the die roll matters a ton. Dredge will probably kill you turn 2 unimpeded, but we can also kill around turn 2 or 3 as well with an aggressive draw. Post board, if you don't have a super aggressive hand just having a single trap isn't always enough (especially since i'm off the DRS plan).

I'm probably going to stream a little bit tonight and possibly tomorrow if anyone wants to come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/kaluma47

Well shit guess I'm buying heirarchs. That 4c list @wfain looks what my list has evolved to minus the quellers and dorks seems real solid.

@kaluma said in Survival Salad:

@thecravenone fantastic!! were you on the Bant version or 4-color?

Playing the Bant list I mentioned in my post.;

Keep or mull, in the blind:

Wooded Foothills
Black Lotus
Elvish Spirit Guide
Elvish Spriit Guide
Noble Hierarch
Basking Rootwalla

I kept and went Foothills into Savanna, Lotus, Thalia, Noble, Rootwalla. He killed the Thalia and I top decked another and won the game on Rootwalla beats.

@thecravenone that 6 certainly doesn't seem good, but mulling to 5 also sounds miserable. If it's those 6 plus thalia i would certainly keep and hope to be playing against blue. As is, probably still a keep regardless. Glad it got there!

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