@hierarchnoble just when you think you’re out... we pull you back in!

@hierarchnoble I know right! I was thinking about that watching the SCG vintage event. Like, Survival would be abysmal to play in paper for that many rounds...

Some more cards to mess around with:

Brain gorgers
Gerald's masterpiece
Bloodrage brawler
Incorrigible youths
Razormane masticore
Jace, vryn prodigy
Ancient grudge sb

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I really don’t like the Bant version. It just doesn’t have enough for some reason.

@wfain Just finished a 5-0 league to get a Bant list posted 😄
I am really liking it. Mana base is real smooth and I feel like I have tools for every matchup. Obviously it's vintage, so some games just turn into blowouts no matter what, but the deck is starting to feel like a well oiled machine. I like containment priest and swords as versatile SB options.
Against shops:
-3 thalias, -judge's familiar, -2 spell queller, -chalice, -thorn, -1 survival.
+3 energy flux, +2 stony, +2 claim, +1 plow, +manglehorn
Against dredge:
-goyf, -mandrils, -chalice, -1 squee, -3/4 noble, -1 spell queller
+2 claim, +plow, +manglehorn, +3 rav traps, +2 priest
Against Blue (no dack, no drs)
-manglehorn, -1/2 noble (trim Hollow against dack, squee against drs)
+2 natures claim, +plow maybe
Against combo:
+traps, +stony, +manglehorn (+plow +1/2 priest against mentor/tinker)
-3/4 noble, -goyf, -mandrills

Edit: adjusted SB notes a bit. Also just finished two more leagues, both at 4-1.


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@serracollector to kill Hollow One. That is a very common plan they’ll use in sideboard games.

@kaluma I usually board out a Forest against non-Wasteland decks

@kaluma said in Survival Salad:


I played this 75 yesterday. It was only a 3 round round-robin, but I went undefeated and had a ton of fun.

Just went 4-1 with the 4c including Spell Queller (which was awesome in a few places). Beat Mr. Kelly on Oath in 3 games, Shops in 2 not close games, Shops in 3 pretty close games, and split 6 games with the same player on RUG Pyromancer/Managorger. I had several mulligans to five in those 6 games and never did anything busted. It still took the opponent drawing nearly perfect to win (also had turn 0 Leyline 3/4 post-board games). This version feels very good to me. Mana is fine on account of having 2 of each dual land and 5 mana creatures. I think I may change the second Nature's Claim back to Abrupt Decay though.


Oh, great. You jerks are running Priest now. 😛

@oestrus honestly I was beating dredge most of the time without it.

@thecravenone fantastic!! were you on the Bant version or 4-color?

dredge matchup is a little swingy. I wanted the priests because i wanted to help there and maybe get a few more percentage points against oath. I've found that the die roll matters a ton. Dredge will probably kill you turn 2 unimpeded, but we can also kill around turn 2 or 3 as well with an aggressive draw. Post board, if you don't have a super aggressive hand just having a single trap isn't always enough (especially since i'm off the DRS plan).

I'm probably going to stream a little bit tonight and possibly tomorrow if anyone wants to come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/kaluma47

Well shit guess I'm buying heirarchs. That 4c list @wfain looks what my list has evolved to minus the quellers and dorks seems real solid.

@kaluma said in Survival Salad:

@thecravenone fantastic!! were you on the Bant version or 4-color?

Playing the Bant list I mentioned in my post.;

Keep or mull, in the blind:

Wooded Foothills
Black Lotus
Elvish Spirit Guide
Elvish Spriit Guide
Noble Hierarch
Basking Rootwalla

I kept and went Foothills into Savanna, Lotus, Thalia, Noble, Rootwalla. He killed the Thalia and I top decked another and won the game on Rootwalla beats.

@thecravenone that 6 certainly doesn't seem good, but mulling to 5 also sounds miserable. If it's those 6 plus thalia i would certainly keep and hope to be playing against blue. As is, probably still a keep regardless. Glad it got there!

@kaluma posted legit 5-0 with the 4c queller list from a couple posts up. Wins against Shops, Storm, 3 Titan Oath, WB hate bears, and Grixis PO/Gifts hybrid.

Has anyone tried Street Wraith in this list? Not really a fetchable target but can help activate Hollow One or dig for needed cards.

Normally not a fan of the whole 56 effective cards list but the card has other utility for the list so I could see it being a role player.

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