Here is a version trying to more effectively target Outcome.

I've been playing that Bant version on MTGO a little bit, and it's a blast. I'm going to tinker with the list some this week. The only matchup I really hate with it is Oath, as it seems to have big game vs everything else I've faced. Wonder has won me multiple games where a mentor or robots are clogging up the ground.

@wfain How do you like Anger in the deck? I was thinking about cutting Hooting mandrills for one (currently running two Mandrills).

@feldon808 Anger is fine if you want to play other red cards, but isn't needed at all. I've actually been beating oath at 50% or above lately with the Guwb version (will post below). I just wanted to throw something together that should have more game against Outcome, that's the only deck I really lose to but I almost always lose.


I love following this thread, and love all the work being put into this deck. Gonna try to give it a spin next week.

This hasn’t been talked about in the thread, but I am guessing this deck is waaayyyyy more fun to play on MTGO than paper, right?

This might sound blasphemous, but has anyone considered Tinker/Blightsteel for some of these lists? It can be chucked to Survival if in hand to search for w ever, and puts it back in our deck, and turning a zero drop Hollow One or random mox into a 11/11 flying, haste, trampling, Infect monstrosity seems sum good. Just a thought.

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@joshuabrooks said in Survival Salad:

This hasn’t been talked about in the thread, but I am guessing this deck is waaayyyyy more fun to play on MTGO than paper, right?

I haven't played it on MTGO but it's pretty fun IRL. Maybe that's because it's fun to go from no permanents to swinging with so many creatures that you have to stack them on top of eachother.

@kaluma said in Survival Salad:


Played this 75 in three leagues on Friday. I streamed 8 of the matches and will attempt to get them cut up and posted. I went 4-1, 2-3, 3-2. Of my 6 losses on the evening, I think 4 were to BUG decks. That included one madman who brought in and resolved double Propaganda against me.

@kaluma @hierarchnoble @Serracollector

I’ve been thinking if there is a way to incorporate FoW into a Survival deck by having Prized Amalgam in the list. I couldn’t think of how to do it until this morning when I remembered Gravecrawler. It synergizes nicely with both VV and Amalgam. It changes things up significantly and I’ve yet to figure out the numbers. I just wanted to throw it out there and see if you are interested?

Preliminary version

Edit/Update: Went 4-1 in league, 1-1 v Outcome, beat @brianpk80 when he mulled to virtual 0 both games (sorry Brian 😢), beat dredge, and Jeskai. All this after four consecutive 2-3’s with the regular version.

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@hierarchnoble don’t forget you have SotF! You can pitch a GC to find another one. Certainly not as fast as Rootwala, but has the synergy with Amalgam as well as VV.

@wfain If your gonna be including Blue to that degree you might as well throw in 1 Snapcaster Mage plus the Tinker Bot Package (Inkwell or Sphinx for blue would be best imo) and Bloodghast seems miles ahead better than Gravecrawler, maybe with a 1 of Drya Arbor so you can search for a land with Sotf? Also, even if you add a Snappy, a Tinker, and a Blue Bot, I would cut down to 3 Force of Will maindeck, and play 1 MBT. Also, at that point Guilded Drake and Phantasmal Image are also options to consider maindeck.

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@serracollector Bloodghast is much worse. It costs B.B. to cast and doesn’t trigger VV.

I don’t think there are enough artifacts to support Tinker without building it differently (I’m also dubious about playing alternate win-con that are stopped by cards people already want against me).

I do think Image is interesting though, it could provide the fifth VV against Oath or blank the opponents Tinker-Bot.

Edit: I’ve also joined a new league with the following changes, -1 Manglehorn and Squee, +1 Misstep and Gurmag Angler. Moved Manglehorn to the board for the Tarmogoyf.


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I got up to 3-0 in my second league before I encountered a strange bug the forced me and @ChubbyRain out of the program after we’d accepted our match but before it started. When we got back on the match was held in limbo somewhere, presumably, because we both got kicked off before it started and so neither of us are able to start new league matches until the situation is resolved (both of us were playing sweet decks and 3-0 too!).

TLDR; I find the FoW version very interesting and am going to continue to work on it for the time being.

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@wfain The FoW version is really interesting. I am hoping to get some time this week to try it out. I played against a version of this deck with Thalia a week or two ago and was really impressed.

Have you considered a one-of Spellseeker? On one hand you don't have a lot of targets for it but Ancestral and Time Walk are high-value targets for sure. Though suggesting that makes me wonder why Demonic Tutor isn't in the list to tutor for any of the non-creatures (including the Survival or Bazaar).

@drstreetmention I only play online so Spellseeker isn’t an option rn, though it might be cool. My very first version had DT and Vamp, but I actually found they are pretty bad most of the time.

@wfain I think Spellseeker is online though I haven’t confirmed this. Some of battlebond is but not the whole set yet.

@drstreetmention It is not. It is one of the cards that didn't get released with M19.

@chubbyrain @wfain fair enough. There are some mtgo prices for it (cardbot lists it at $1.50 for example) and that threw me I guess. That’s too bad.

Containment Priest is no longer playable vs Dredge. Everyone is adopting LSV’s Loam/Riftstone/Cabal Pit plan now. Gonna have to switch to a combo of Leyline/Trap/Crypt instead. This makes us really bad against Oath again though.

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