I used to run Ravenous Trap in my list, but eventually decided to switchover to just Leyline of the Void. How do you sideboard for the matchup?

A lot of dredge lists in my area are pitch dredge lists, so sometimes my Ravenous Traps would be plucked out of my hand with Cabal Therapy before I could use them and/or get countered with Force of Will, so I decided to make the switch.

I haven't played Survival since WAR became legal, but Deputy of Detention had been an all-star when I ran it.

Regarding the Bant versions of survival, I found myself regularly outpaced by Paradoxical Outcome decks. Sure you could go 'full throttle' and jam out vengevines, but if you do not get it done in one swing, then they could combo off and it'll be over. Additionally, a lot of lists are bringing in Grafdigger's Cage to prevent this move, so you're already playing a slower, more methodical plan in this case.

Switching to the hatebear strategy (Thalia, Gaddock Teeg, etc) would work more consistently than the 'full throttle' plan, but without any interaction on their turn (aka countermagic), it felt very vulnerable to Karakas and Balance.

@serracollector said in Survival:

For the versions running Noble Hierarch over Dr. Shaman, what advantage is there in running duals/fetches over City of Brass, Mana Confluence, and Gemstone Mine? Even if your running Wonder wouldn't say 4 Trop, 4-6 fetch, and X Any color lands just be better? Just curious. Thanks

Few rainbow lands don’t enable one to splash red or black cards and the cumulative lifeloss just adds up even in Vintage. I’d rather spend ’the excess lifepoints’ on Sylvan activations. Additionally fetches are very valuable against Wasteland heavy decks so I try to run as many fetches as possible over anything spicy.


My plan against Dredge:
+2 Priest
+2 Cage
+2 Ravenous Trap
+1 Deputy
+2 Claim
-3 Stony
-1 Chalice
-1 Sylvan
-1 Squee
-1 Manglehorn
-2 Hollow One

Leyline is certainly the most effective way to combat Dredge, but I'm not yet willing to sacrifice my well rounded SB (and plans) against most of the field just to get more edge against Dredge.

Manglehorn has found it's way back to MB because PO is a problem and Karakas is very effective against all the legendary hatebears. For the same reason I'm now running two Mindbreak Traps as often even Lavinia combined with a Stony Silence has not been enough to win the game. Fast combo is certainly an issue, but I do enjoy the play style of this kind of build (i.e. make them have the answer instead of trying to fight on stack). And so far my record against PO is good enough with plenty of games under my belt against it that no drastic measures need to be taken.

Basic Island is probably very bad.
Access to Grudge and Pyroblast can be very helpful.
Gush is probably a lot worse than Deep Analysis, Treasure Cruise, or Sylvan Library.
Good luck everyone!

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