Kinda sweet with Cabal Therapy, part of a UBW control type shell

There are lists I've played within the year that I would have run this card in, as a one or two of. I think this is pretty neat, but probably only makes the cut under rare circumstances.

I think this sort of effect is better in classic style vintage combo-control, where you get bonus value out of finding Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Demonic Tutor, to set up a large Yawgmoth's Will turn. I don't know that this is enough to make that underperforming deck any better though (or even makes the cut).

At a 2/1 body I would have played it, and at 1U mana cost it would be restrictable, but those tiny difference probably mean it won't see a lot of play.

Gets flash for rector combo. Me thinks they are trying to push that a bit.

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Gets flash for rector combo. Me thinks they are trying to push that a bit.

this is exactly where my mind went too. flash can be the game ending 2cmc card. plus added utility finding the restricted cards or cabal therapy (+flashback!) seems great.

It also gets Mana Drain, which is getting more popular these days, and can also get Hurkyl's against Shops, while putting a Thorn/Thalia proof body to block. I wouldn't dismiss it, but yes, being a 1/1 instead of a 2/1 or 2/2 is a bummer.

edit: getting Flash or Cabal Therapy for Rector combo are also nice additions. He's also a human, which makes that deck able to play Cavern.

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at some point in the next 18 months brian kelly will win an event playing this in oath

So, this works in a Rune-Scarred Demon type of Oath. The first one gets Time Walk/Noxious Revival (regrowing time walk), the second one gets noxious revival (time walk), the third one gets noxious revival for Yawgmoth's Will (or Tutor for Will) and you Will out Key+Vault and win with Jace/Tezz.

This card seems super real. If we're willing to play merchant scroll for ancestral, this card feels better. The only aspect of the card to break that I didn't see above was fetching channel, though I feel like there has to be something that abuses it being a 1/1 (especially if it just needs having 1 power cuz then it plays super well with rector too).

This also gets burning wish, the other 2 Mana tutor.

I an a world with Git Probe, this also always just cantrips. This is a solid utility body, and I bet someone does sneak it into a list somewhere.

I cannot wait to throw this into my 4 Shaharazad, 4 Fork, 4 Twincast deck.

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Gets flash for rector combo. Me thinks they are trying to push that a bit.

Aluren.Dec can find a place for this I am sure. Maybe a 1 of in a survival toolbox to get some other one of thing you need when you need it.

I like that this works on both sides of rector combo. It gets you flash for rector to get omniscience, and once you have omni it gets you whatever stupid draw card you want for free.

Also, it is a wizard. Was there anything in Dom that mattered at all because she is a wizard? I assume Naban is just not good enough for this?

It gets Pacts and Phyrexian Mistakes like Probe and Surgical that can be cast even if you tap out. Uncounterable potential in a UWx Wizards deck. Dumb with Riptide Lab.

Pretty gross off Aether Vial. Too bad that card is a dog to Misstep.

Why didn’t this card have flash so that it could have sprung Skillstep/Derpstep to ruin Vintage more???

No seriously that’s a decent ability. My frustration is that Balance is a suboptimal target - I think the way you optimize this is to make sure you include such game-stealing catchup cards in your deck so that you have options when you’re behind.

It can grab Ancient Grudge though.

Oh, you know what? I like the idea of pairing this with Cabal Therapy. Gives you a payoff for running this effect higher up on the curve, synergizes well with Gitaxian Probe for mid game blowouts, and most importantly - makes Balance great again!

do you really think that vintage needs more cc 3 tutors?
this card would be playable if he recited:
search for a cards ..ecc..ecc...
play it -without- paying its mana cost.

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if you are looking for "flash deck" 's tutor muddle the mixture is much better.

This card is broken. Not sure in what deck yet, but most definatly vintage playable.

This card makes me want to run Ninja of Deep Hours again.

I think this card has a very low floor and in certain situations an extremely high ceiling. Based on the 2 in the cost this card is going to be best in a full Moxen, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt Deck. I would not be surprised if this starts as a fringe 1 of and then works it’s way up from there.

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