This card is broken. Not sure in what deck yet, but most definatly vintage playable.

This card makes me want to run Ninja of Deep Hours again.

I think this card has a very low floor and in certain situations an extremely high ceiling. Based on the 2 in the cost this card is going to be best in a full Moxen, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt Deck. I would not be surprised if this starts as a fringe 1 of and then works it’s way up from there.

If this card is not getting channel, it can get kaervek's torch.

@john-cox said in [BBD] Spellseeker:

Is this really better than grim tutor?

If you're not running Black mana then the answer is trivially, "yes." If you are, it's trickier, but I think there are decks that would take the easier casting cost, no life loss, and tiny body over GT's ability to fetch 3+ drops.

@hierarchnoble said in [BBD] Spellseeker:

I think this card is playable almost solely because it has a very verbable name. Much like we "Snapcast our Ancestral Recall" we'll be "Spellseeking for Channel".

Well, maybe good decks won't be, but I will.

With a Naban, Dean of Iteration in play, Spellseeker will get you both a Channel AND a Fireball.

You're welcome.

This also gets flash + summoner's pact.

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