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I mean, is it viable outside of goblins? The fact that it is a gob does not change the fact that its ability is relevant to any deck that can pull it off. It can ramp you into a turn 2 JTMS or Karn for instance.

It seems craptacular as ramp unless you care that it's a Goblin or you abuse the fact that it's a cost reduction and play something many many times. My first thought was something like 2x Top + Prowess, but that fails in a variety of ways.

Earwig squad...

Youre stuck in 2006. Paradox laughs at your shit creature. Show up and donateyour entry at SCGCon if you think Goblins is good.

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That is for the record, tier 395 septillion and change.

Worth noting, this dodges misstep.

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What about this card in a non-Goblin deck, @13NoVa? Tribal Goblins may be non-existent, but any card that wants red and cost reduction, existing or not, may consider this. I don't know what that deck looks like, but I'm willing to brew with this guy to see if I can find one. He's no Foundry Inspector, but Foundry Inspector also doesn't reduce the cost of Dack Fayden (as an example).

@hierarchnoble Do you really need a shitty creature in order to have that effect?

@hierarchnoble I'd say even if you wanted that, Goblin Electromancer is probably better in that said deck. Doesn't reduce Dack's cost but may be able to generate more than 1 mana per turn.

Honestly I want this to be Vintage playable so I can spam naming "Abandon Hope" when I attack with it on MODO but don't want to cast anything afterwards.

Reducing the cost of anything certainly seems a lot better than just reducing the cost of Goblins.

Combos with Sensei's top like Helm of Awakening (infinite storm w/ two or infinite draw w/ future sight). But doesnt give your opponent a boost like Helm.

Outside of combos, functions as a generic mana accelerator for other spells while getting in 2 damage every turn.

Major bluff factor with counterspells

Look forward to trying it.

I'm wondering if Food Chain Goblins really just wants 4x Grapeshot.

I don't know enough about Goblins to know if this card is any good ... but golly, this set has something for everyone and I'm loving it.

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