Everyone in this thread is thinking so small.

Doesn't anyone else remember the Canadian Mana Drain + Mishra's Workshop deck?

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Kinda like Aetherflux Reservoir but a little more aggressive. Your math is wrong though. its 1,2,3,4,5, not exponential Never mind this bit, i see you are calculating damage over time.

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Cast Number | Total Damage (combined)
1 = 1
2 = 3
3 = 6
4 = 10
5 = 15
6 = 21

Anyone Aelien? know how to get the amount of damage this will give at a given number of spells? There has to be some doable math for that.

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first of all:

the damage scales quadratically with spell count

This is not quite true, scaling quadratically would mean that the it would output i.e. 36 for the input 6.
What this does (just like aetherflux reservour) is summing up all the numbers from 0 to n, where n is the number of spells you cast this turn. The sum of this (the total amount of damage done after casting n spells) is output by this common function (small gauss) f(n) = (n+1) *n/2

Alright with that out of the way i can see this card used in 2 archetypes:
Storm-like (or light, with witch i mean possbile decks that use this card over the cause of maybe 2 turns)

Wow! thats going into my phone for future use and messing with my friends!

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@aelien scaling quadratically means it’s big-Theta(n^2). n(n+1)/2 grows quadratically, as does n^2, n^2/100000, 7n^2 + 8n + 3 log n, etc.

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Doesn't anyone else remember the Canadian Mana Drain + Mishra's Workshop deck?

I suspect this was before my time, but colour me intrigued. Do you have a link to this?

I noticed this card also cares about your opponent's spells, which is kinda neat too.

@hrishi I do not have a link! The Canadians were always very secretive about their decks. To my understanding, decks like Bomberman and Dragon were well established in Canadian metagames before any American players knew about them. I always sort of suspected that there's a secret Canadian TMD out there, but I could never find it.

@brass-man That would be so freaking awesome if there was a secret Canadian TMD. For some reason that makes me giggle a little bit.

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I don't think your purchase was wise, @stormanimagus.

Eh, card is like 2 bucks. Play them in one event and you're good.

I think this card looks pretty fun to me, I bet I could come up with something I'd be happy to run on MTGO.

Hey this card could be really good in counterwars since it benefits from your opponents counters.

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Aside from the singleton, storm chain angle, is anyone thinking about the implications of having more than one of these in play at once? This thing is a meat grinder by itself.

@hierarchnoble Understand that I am only buying a full playset cause I'm confident it WILL be played and I want to make bank selling off 3 copies. I absolutely know this card will mostly be a 1-of as a Tinker Target that wins after resolution through hatebears or just value picks off important pwers and/or dudes in general. So I do not accept your premise that I must run 4. But I'll also try that in some fun buid 😛

@stormanimagus you're not gonna make that much money selling them if all the play it sees is as a 1 of in vintage

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@stormanimagus you're not gonna make that much money selling them if all the play it sees is as a 1 of in vintage

But also Isn’t this just like a Serrated Arrows for standard?

@desolutionist if this was a standard legal set, maybe

#MTGFinance is kind of tangential to the subject of this thread, but lets just say @Stormanimagus is doing it completely, and comically, wrong.

On a strategic element, why would any deck run this as a one of to Tinker into it? That seems...really fringe.

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I think more so than vintage this probably has potential in legacy where you can have

4 Sentinel Tower
4 aetherflux reservoir
4 brainstorm
4 ponder
4 preordain
4 Gitaxian probe
4 Serum Visions
4 force of will
X other counters and bounce

You can literally just cantrip all day to find it, play it on turn 4, win on turn 5 by casting junk. Not sure it will be the best deck or this is the best list, but it seems like it could see play there.

@protoaddct If you're doing nothing until turn 4 in Legacy you're probably dead.

This is better than,

aetherflux reservoir

  • Because it dodges null rod and you need to cast fewer spells.

Tendrils of Agony

  • Because you can dodge Mindbreak trap and flusterstorm.

  • You can play fewer spells, (important against mana denial)

  • You can play a draw heavy deck with less dead cards (moxen)

  • You can profit in counter/removal wars.

This is worse than those cards, because.

  • You dont gain life,

  • it can be removed easily with artifact hate.

  • I'm not going to quote everything people have said but this card has its own set of issues*****

This is for a control based tendrils deck that wants to dodge all the hate directed at blue decks, while still having a better match against strategies tendrils has problems with.
The cards tendrils has traditional had the most issue with is flusterstorm and misstep. This dodges those cards and come out in a winning position after a blue deck tries to employ them.

*****Also a PO deck with an artifact win con is pretty cool!!!

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*****Also a PO deck with an artifact win con is pretty cool!!!

If this triggered on artifact spells I'd agree with you. I don't think this is reliable in PO with the instans and sorceries only clause. Is it?

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