[BBD] Archon of Valor's Reach

@gkraigher It's better strictly against shops. Against blue decks it's way worse (once in play, of course).

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I won't be at all surprised to see people try Archon of Valor's Reach, but I'm still not convinced he's superior to Oath targets with the ability to immediately stabilize the board.

You underestimate the power of Turn Board Sideways, Windmill Slam Giant Monster.

This card is no joke, easily the standout in a pretty appealing set. My biggest open question is whether to fit one of these into an existing list, or start from scratch and build around just running 3-4x Archon.

Just realized this is not a legendary card. With 4 you can knock out Instants, Sorceries, Artifacts and PWs. Well, there goes Vintage

@serracollector This is a very beatable card if people care about beating it. The interesting question will be whether or not it's worth it for people to do that.

@Brass-Man I understand, I just meant those 4 card types are 99% of Vintage lists.

@brass-man I wonder in the current environment how many games a 5/6 trample, vigilance, flying wins if you name Instant/Artifact (depending on MU) taking away basically all non-Jace removal.

Oh wow it has vigilance too. Geez.

@serracollector there's a lot of games you win when you resolve 4 copies of a 6 drop, usually regardless of what the 6 drop is

@BlindTherapy Good thing against "most" lists you will only need 1.

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