@brass-man NB you need at least two physical copies of Regrowth to do any infinite chaining, since the first copy's card will not be in the graveyard yet at the time you need to pick the second copy's target.

You need two Regrowth, but it's fairly easy to find them when you're forking every spell

even your opponent duplicates everything and has not tapped 1RR
for combo past in the flame is better

Just some clarifications, for someone who is better at rules?

If I cast Bonus Round, then another Bonus Round, then Lightning Bolt, I get 4x Lightning Bolt?

First Bonus Round would make it so I get 2 bolts,
Two more bonus rounds (from the 2nd bonus round) means I get 4 total?

so then....because I now have 4 bonus rounds up,

casting another bonus round puts 4 copies on the stack, so when they all resolve, I get 8 copies?

So we're essentially just doubling the amount of copies I get every time I cast it, and an additional copy if it ever gets forked?

@forceofnature That all sounds right to me .... and don't forget that your Fork gets copied, too ... so Bonus Round, Bonus Round, Fork means you'll be getting 6x each spell afterwards

@forceofnature On second thought after more carefully reading, I (think I) agree.

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I did the math and if you cast multiples of these and/or fork/twincast this, then cast Shaharazad, you win the tournament your in automatically.

@forceofnature I saw this and decided to dust of my math skills.

F(n): Number of copy effects after nth Bonus Round.

  • F(0) = 0
  • F(1) = 1
  • F(2) = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
  • F(n) = 1 + F(n-1) + F(n-1) = 1 + 2*F(n-1)

Everytime you play BR you get

  • one extra copy effect for the spell: 1
  • one extra copy effect for every previous one: F(n-1)
  • all the previous ones: F(n-1)

Which is a really complicated way of saying playing an instant or sorcery after the nth Bonus Round will put it's effect on the stack 2^n times.

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Whatever deck is playing this is playing 4 Defense Grid anyway. This is a belcher decks nitrous oxide.

Edit: Burp.

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