How to beat this deck threads?

  • We spend a fair amount of time here discussing how to make decks better and some time on match ups. I do not see any threads on how do I beat this deck. I wanted to start some threads on How do I beat Jeskai and How do I beat Paradoxical and How do I beat Shops?

    I see in various decklists that few selections are made now on how do I beat this deck and more on how do I win more or how do I not get hosed. There is a subtitle but important difference here.

    Looking at a Kelly Oath deck you see card choices on meta that scream I beat this deck with these cards. I see in the Waterbury results several decks that ran Cavern of Souls, why? I know someone will post an obvious answer but if you are running a one of land with no tutor and 6 filter cards + some draw, do the math. Your chances of seeing it when you want it are around 25% maybe lower.

    Any interest in this discussion or should I just go to Facebook and ask my friends?

  • @moorebrother1 I have a ton of interest in this topic. Make a thread for each! Make a thread for each, ask your friends on Facebook too, and if they say anything great, come back here and let us know! That sort of strategy-sharing thread is exactly what TMD is supposed to be about!

  • Yeah, go for it for sure.

  • Seems good. Do it!

  • I posted a couple to get started. I will write something for Jeskai. Hopefully people provide feedback, and advice. It would be very helpful with SCG Con coming up.