Paradoxical Outcome - Deckbuilding Primer

  • What is the general thought about Brain Freeze for Paradoxial Outcome decks.
    I played Almost Blue for a long time and believe that PO is a natural fit for the deck now Gush is restricted.

    Furthermore, I really liked the article, there is not enough content on the web in regards to vintage, so keep up the good work.

    Greetz Arjan

  • @zieby brain freeze is just an inferior win condition due to it being dead when you are stuck with it in your hand early. Cards like mentor, tinker, key provide meaningful value when in your opening hand. This is a reason I dislike tendrils.

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    Just got through the article, and thought it was extremely well-written and provided great insight. This bit was a nice touch, too:
    "Explaining the power and usage of Gush would take an entire book."

  • Yeah good article. One minor thing though: Merchant Scroll can't get Time Walk.

  • @griselbrother Yeah that one slipped thru editing and looks like even though it was pointed out SCG never fixed 😞

  • @iamactuallylvl1
    BF is not as dead as you might think.
    It disrupts top deck tutors.
    It pitches to FoW.
    It feuls Y-win.
    And when chained you dont require allot of storm to combo out.
    BF should be paired with tormods crypt which is an easy draw with PO and therefore you are preboarded for dredge.

  • the primer was super great to read!
    i'm trying to play the deck even in legacy, i know is not good as it is in vintage, but it still have some potential imho.
    btw i think that the deck need just few but powerful wincon, not more than 3 in total. this because u just want draw bunch of cards in order to protect your finishers.
    volt+key and tendrils might be the best one: the first one because are both artifacts and can be bounced with PO and the second because once u go off means that u'll have so many spells to cast.

  • @mentor88 I made a version that kind of worked in Legacy with Candelabra, Key and Grim Monolith. It was still a High Tide deck but could go out using Outcome. My mistake was it still being mono-blue. It needed black for discard.

  • @moorebrother1 I wonder, has anyone tried Candelabra in the vintage version? Especially when playing Trinket Mage. Obviously super powerful with Academy, pretty good with Library in the early turns. Gives you a way to filter colorless into U when chaining.

  • @wfain In my early builds of PO, I used to play one Candelabra but it was never as good as I thought it was going to be. Trinket Mage is clutter in deck that just wants to draw cards and play broken stuff. I am working on an alternate version of PO that is not so dependent on tapping artifacts so I may try Candelabra again for a deck that plays similar to the old Academy deck but that style of deck is just not as good in today's meta-game.

    If Fastbond ever gets unrestricted this may work since you ramp quickly in early turns and play things like Helm of Obedience but right now you are racing the Control and Aggro deck so the "play broken stuff" is very important.