ELD Vintage Open - Vintage for a Revised Booster Pack

The ELD Vintage Open is back! Take part in the return of the most exciting Vintage Series in New England. For those unfamiliar, ELD Opens feature:

Fabulous Guaranteed Prizes
100% Of Entry Fees Given Out To Players
One Of A Kind Bonuses FOR ALL PLAYERS! (not from prize pool)
And Now
A Unique Leather Custom Playmat For Our Champion! (not from prize pool)

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Format: Vintage 15 Proxy
Entry: $30
When: June 16th – doors open at 11am | event begins at 12pm
Prizes: Guaranteed Revised Booster Pack for Champion. 100% of all entries will be given out as prizes. (Players may choose to receive prizes as credit of equal value.)

Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8

Prizes at 8 Players:
1st - Revised Booster Pack + Championship Leather Playmat
2nd - 25% of Pool in Eternal Staples
3rd-4th - 12.5% of Pool in Eternal Staples

Prizes will scale up with attendance!

Scholars Games
244 Liberty St
Brockton, MA

Hi there! I don't live anywhere near you but i'm hopeful for your event's success. I was curious where you had these playmats purchased from? These looked a lot nicer than inkedgaming and we're exploring playmats for our old school group. thanks for your time!!!!

I am creating these playmats from fine leathers. The product line will be launching later this year, but I'd be happy to take you on as a client now. The entire process is handled in house, so we'll be able to create your ideal playmat. Please contact me at ELD@BrainstormMTG.com to look at setting up a commission.

thanks for the info, they are really nice!! I'll talk to the group and see what our thoughts are!

Wish I could make this. Looking forward to future events!

This Saturday is coming up fast! Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it down 😄

For those who will be at this Scholars Location for the first time:

alt text

Infinite thanks to ELD and Scholars for hosting this event. It was wonderful to see old faces and meet some new.

Kudos to Max (I hope that's correct and if not, apologies!) for developing an amazing homebrew that totally wrecked the whole room.

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