I just want more large Vintage events. Due to life circumstances, I cannot make all of the events so the more events that there are, the better for everyone in my opinion.

The prize support is never a consideration for me. My considerations are will my wife freak out if I go. So, I could not make it to Waterbury since it was on Mother's day weekend.

I think doing cash gives us another great event for Vintage and if my family life allows me to attend based on the when the event is, then I will be there.

@doomfinite For whatever it's worth, past NYSE's have had the Vintage FNM the night before, and a Sunday event the day after. We messed around with Vintage events on Sunday, then tried a Classic event, but have settled on Old School. The turnout for last year's Old School event on Sunday was strong (I could be wrong, but I feel like it was north of 30 players).

If you were able to make the event in 2019, I can promise that it would be a full weekend of Magic.

@Prospero I would make it out to your events, and even bring 1 or 2 people with me. To help make it successful, I'd even open up my home to allow 1-2 non locals a spot on my couches to make it easier for [ut of towners to attend the tournament if necessary.

This tournament is one of the largest in the country, and has a strong brand and a solid following. But, like with all things, change is inevitable. I completely understand the nostalgia aspect of things, but an inflates secondary market is a real thing. I know we have had a weekend of events every year, but I would suggest a smaller side event or two for those who scrubbed out of the main one (to start round 3 or round 4) which would provide more competitive playtime for those who come in from far, or even to help recoup costs. Side event could also be Vintage, or could be Legacy, Old School or a "Pre-Modern" event (I forgot the name, but basically was old border legal with a ban list) and could possibly be scheduled to draw non-Vintage players to the event at a time where main event players would start thinning out.

Regardless, NYSE has been a success for the community and I would like it to remain so and still be worth your time, effort and expense.

I don't have a solution to the non-P9 prize support issue, except to say more of everything else. Maybe you get a couple more cool cards commissioned to give out alongside the Karns for first and fellowship. Maybe you work with artists to come up with some cool print ideas, or some kind of sketches. If you can leverage cool Old School / Vintagey things that aren't P9 but can't be found anywhere else, people will still enjoy themselves.

Hey guys I'm new to this thread and site. Will there be an NYSE this year (2018)?

Just my $0.002, but prize support is pretty much irrelevant to me. I care only to the extent that the NYSE would be (is) a "big event" that I'd like to attend. The price of power has become totally insane so I'm certainly not going to blame you if you go partially or entirely to cash prizes.

I'm in no position to predict the future, but I would want to play in the NYSE next year if you can make it go. The sooner you can let us all know about venue and dates, the better the chances that any of us can arrange to keep the date free and figure out how to get there.


Prizing good. Trophy better.

I honestly think people would pay $50 for a cash prize...and a small plaque for top 8, and THE trophy for the winner. Keeps the feel of a unique prize, while being almost certainly less expensive than a lotus.

@neo_altoid I think a trophy would be awesome as well!

I always thought the NYSE Open trophy was the best trophy...

alt text

alt text

alt text

@prospero Basically, my thought process was "as an already powered player, I would be 50-75% to literally turn a lotus I got into $$$ on site, and the remaining % turning it into $$$ later."

But the trophy would sit in my living room forever, and that matters more in the end. Should this be a 10k event? Sure, that would be optimal, but as long as the trophy stays, I'm coming.

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