San Antonio, TX Vintage: Who's interested?

I know SA has a few vintage players and Austin has a small crowd of folks. Would Houston/Dallas peeps be willing to make the drive? Would folks as far as OK come down?

What type of prize support/entry fee would there need to be to make it very likely you would travel within an 8 hr range to play Vintage in SA, TX?
I'm interested in organizing and/or having a store organize a Vintage tournament. There'd have to be turnout for it to be worth it, given the stupid price of cards now. I don't think I could swing a P9 level tourney as SCG probably took a hit of several thousand dollars in prize payout at $100 entry and only 124 players!

Anyone interested, please just respond with 3 pieces of information first, which you can then follow with commentary:

Distance/hours willing to drive for Vintage in SA,TX?
Prize support that makes the trip worth it?
Entry fee that makes the prize seem fair/worth the attempt?

I'll be there. Both of my sons would play too, depending on entry fee.

Anyone interested, please just respond with 3 pieces of information first, which you can then follow with commentary:

  • Distance/hours willing to drive for Vintage in SA,TX?

I'm gonna say 197 miles because that's how far it is from my house to San Antonio and it doesn't make sense for me to drive further than that to get to San Antonio. This is kinda a weird question.

  • Prize support that makes the trip worth it?

I care less about prize support and more about the ratio of entry fee to prize support. I believe it's ~90% for both Austin and Houston, with the 10% going to paying for tournament supplies.

Entry fee that makes the prize seem fair/worth the attempt?

In terms of scheduling, I'll pay whatever the entry fee is given that the prize pool is adequate. However, once you get to $40 or more, I'm going to expect it to be professional. I'm talking lots of space, dedicated judges, match slips, the ability to process credit cards, etc. For semi-casual like at a brewery, no more than $25, and even that's pretty high given that I'll also be forking over a lot of cash to the bartenders.

I boil it down to one thing: Don't make me get a hotel room (or crash) for more than one night.

That means it either needs to be late enough in the day that people can wake up and drive to it or early enough in the day that people can drive home afterward. If you're going to be having booze (like Houston and Austin do), I'd aim for that first one since people aren't likely to want to road trip after a half dozen beers.

If I'm traveling, give me something to do before/after. Both times I've driven to Austin, the Austinites have arranged going out to bars afterwards. This is a ton of fun and way better than me sitting in my hotel room.

  • Distance/Hours
    I'm local. I would be willing to travel 2-3 hours, if anyone else is looking at organizing events.

  • Prizes/Cost
    I'd like to see prizes proportional to the entry fee. If you are running it at a shop, and they have a decent supply of singles I'm good with store credit. Maybe an vintage single for first, and credit to the top 4/8/16 depending on turnout.

Also, proxies.

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*Infinite Proxies.

*I'm local.

*Fee reflecting the prizes.
maybe top unpowered/non-proxy or door prizes/ bonus prizes for accomplishments. etc.

*Enough notice in advanced of event.

Making the trek from OK would be rough. We make the round trip to Denton for Vintage in a day, but an 8hr drive one way would require 2 days of travel. Not opposed to that, but the draw would have to be fairly large (50+ people, high entry mostly paid out in prizes) to warrant the extra day of travel and a hotel room.

  1. I’m in Austin so obviously I’m fine with the drive.
  2. Don’t personally care. However, I know I’m in the minority on that, so I’ll say: Austin and Houston’s events are easy cause we aren’t tied to a store and are able to just pay back the entry fees. If you’re at a store, I’d guess people would get excited to play for a Dual. Alternatively, store credit is cool as long as the store has a decent selection.
  3. When I’m traveling to something like a 1k, I expect entry will be $25-30. Under $40 isn’t a big deal; once you get over that, I think the prize has to be pretty cool for people to be interested.

Just to clarify, are you talking sanctioned or proxy?

Also, my first kid is due in early September, as is another Austin Vintage player’s. Right now this is something I’d be super into, but I can’t guarantee either of us will be in a position to do something like this. I’m gonna be cashing in a lot of spousal good will on Romancing The Stones events and (hopefully) Eternal Weekend this fall; squeezing a San Antonio event in in the next 6 months might be a stretch for me.

(Side note: good meeting you this past weekend!)

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I'm in Dallas & could probably bring 3 people depending on when it is. Saturdays would be rough as I and one of the others both work on Saturdays.

Best of luck organizing, my Texas friends.

One suggestion: for locally*-focused efforts such as this, I recommend getting regular participants in touch on an alternate platform such as a messenger or chat app. TMD is great, and I wouldn't advise against it, but every little bit helps.

'* I appreciate that the definition of "local" is special, in Texas 😉

@cha1n5 One of the things I found really helped us on our attempts to be bigger was when we said "we've got 8 confirmed" - people know if they show up, they'll get a real tournament. (That was our Harvey charity tournament which got something like 10 from Houston and 42 total in Austin)

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