Empty the Warrens in DPS Sideboards

  • I see many DPS players have up to three Empty the Warrens in their sideboards. May I ask against what matchups anyone would want three copies of this card? What are the strategic thoughts behind this? Against Workshops I can see the appeal for making 8-12 goblins t1 on the play but I would imagine the plan against shops is to load up on Hurkyl's Recalls and maybe bring in Tinker/colossus. Adding another 3 cards seems like overboarding. Also, Ballista is kinda rough on 1/1 tokens.

    So is it against "fair" blue decks?

    Any advice would be great thanks 🙂

  • @nevilshute Yeah, fair blue decks had difficulty dealing with a bunch of goblins and their countermagic can make it difficult to fire off a Tutor into a Will into a Tendrils. Empty the Warrens gives a win condition with less of an investment.

  • I never liked the Empty plan, and i think 3 is way too many. Against fair blue decks i rather board in more Defense Grids or Discard.