@protoaddct it would take at last another 2 mana Lord to make Spirit really agressive like Merfolk. If they ever get it, it's probably a better deck since there are a bunch of disruptive Spirit, way more than Merfolk. There are 2 lords right now (2 and 3 Mana).
The info about the Lord is just because it broadens your options for the deck. I hardly see this ever being as good as humans.

@fsecco I don't think the deck actually needs as many lords as merfolk because spirits have a spirits matter component to them.

  • Mausoleum Wanderer is a cursecatcher that pumps itself and gets a better tax with more spirits.
  • Rattlechains is the decks snapcaster in a lot of ways
  • Tallowisp is a value engine that will likely never see play but who knows

@fsecco Almost all Spirits that you would want to play have flying so something like Favorable Winds could also be played in a tribal Spirit deck. The bigger issue is that they just are not fast enough or big enough to relevant.

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@moorebrother1 since everything in this deck already dies to ballista on its own kataki and spirit of the labyrinth are both very reasonable cards to consider playing that it doesn't cover.

decent spirits also include
giest of saint traft,
spell queller
still doesnt seem to get the tribe where it needs to be for vintage

I wonder why people don't include Eidolon of the Great Revel in this analysis. Jeskai Spirits seems at least testable. I would think against Xerox and Paradoxical, Eidolon would be pretty difficult to beat. Kira, the great glass spinner comes in against Xerox. Extra Katakis come in against shops?

@topical_island probably because it is hard to cast. I can’t think of other red spirits that we’d want to play

@topical_island you gonna have 2? Or a bunch of red duals that don’t really help your UW cards? It just doesn’t seem easy, nor does it seem helpful

@wfain I guess I'm underrating how big a threat it is.

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