[M19] Tezzeret, Artifice Master

I think the combination of

2 Karn, Scion of Urza
1 Tezzeret, Artifice Master
2 Dack Fayden
1 Daretti Ingenious Iconoclast

is definitely a new planes walker package worth considering over the more traditional

2 Jace, the Minsculptor
1 Tezzeret, the Seeker
2 Dack Fayden
1 Time Vault
1 Voltaic key

in Grixis control decks.

The newer set takes up less card space, stays on mana curve, has much better board presence for a control deck, much better synergy, and fewer dead cards. Although it looses the occasional Tez, the Seeker into vault or vault/key oops I win factor, it has less variance and more utility as each of the newer cards are good by themselves, where as time vault by itself is bad, key is not great, and Tez is ok without vault if you can get enough artifacts to ultimate or find utility artifacts as needed.

I have been testing the above package in an otherwise normal Grixis control list (with a bit more artifact mana/ancient tomb and especially Tolarian Academy) with Tinker and Myr Battlesphere as the tinker target, which is also amazing for pumping Karn constructs, for drawing 2 with new Tez, and producing artifacts to sac to Daretti. Not to mention, few things are more fun than ultimating Daretti on Battlesphere for 3 copies. Finally, although @ChubbyRain already mentioned the synergy of Dack, Tez, and Karn, Daretti is actually a great choice for control decks too as he provides a permanent immune to pyroblast that repeatedly destroys artifacts or oath targets over a long game without spending mana and is very synergistic with the aforementioned cards. Finally, I'm not sure anyone has mentioned Myr battlesphere yet as the tinker target in this kind of deck, though the synergy there is pretty powerful from pumping constructs, keeping new Tez at draw 2, or providing a great target for Daretti's or Tez's ultimate.

I would love to hear what others have discovered in play testing too, but i think there is something to these cards in combination worth exploring.

PS - Sorry for the stream of consciousness post, but I'm severely sleep-deprived at the moment.

@moorebrother1 So, I played the Mardu list on stream and chatted with the deck's creator, Josh Meckes. The Angrath and Liliana did not survive to make the next version. In my experience, they just didn't match up well against the other decks in the format. Most decks are going wide with token makers or cheap artifact creatures and the blue decks have more than enough card draw to overcome the discard. Josh reached a similar conclusion. The deck isn't really that aggressive, though. It can have quick TKS starts but it's often more grindy. Tezz might work but you'd have to change the manabase considerably to get double blue into it and that would likely cost the deck it's identity. Here is the updated list, btw:

alt text

Daretti was very hit or miss and I have mixed opinions on him. He can take over the game against creature decks but he's bad against Oath and doesn't interact with opposing Walkers well. Literally, one game I sat there and ultimated him twice because neither of use were doing anything. My target was Sorcerous Spyglass both times and I ended up just naming every Blue fetch to mana screw my opponent. He's ignorable by many decks. That said, he has synergy with Karn and Tezz. I think as a 1 of, he could be part of a grixis walker deck with a base like @marcb mentioned. Just realize that Daretti is mostly a removal spell and will be boarded out against many decks.

Hey @ChubbyRain if you don't like Liliana of the Veil due to tokens, what about Liliana, the Last Hope? Or is that too much of a dud?

Awesome looking deck though.

@topical_island said in [M19] Tezzeret, Artifice Master:

@chubbyrain Misusing commas, is, irresponsible regard,less of intent. How dare you sir,

For some reason I read this in Captain Kirk, and it worked perfectly. So now we know. Kirk's speech pattern wasn't bad acting, he was acting dyslectic!

@brandawri ha. I reread it in that voice and you are so right.

I am streaming a Tezz control list: https://www.twitch.tv/chubbyrain1

Come hang out 🙂

@chubbyrain Was 3-0 (2 x PO and DPS) when MTGO did MTGO things and I wasn't able to join another match. Karn and Tezz have both been very good in my limited experience. I've had Tezz in play 3 times I think and always with 3 artifacts.

alt text

@chubbyrain based on what you were doing I threw something together with Sai and Tezz and it made me realize Skullclamp is actually good with Tezz as well.

Maindeck energy flux, more viable than ever.

Yeah, the fact I'm running E.F. main is the only thing keeping me from trying out Tezz 3.0 in my current build.

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