Life from the Loam in Dredge

  • I think we can all agree that the MVP of this week's Vintage Super League was Life from the Loam, with help from Riftstone Portal. Now I've used Riftstone Portal here and there, depending on what my SB looks like. Like, if I'm running Serenity and/or Abrupt Decay, I'm probably also running Riftstone Portal. But Life from the Loam has been curiously absent from Vintage Dredge at large, and I've never really understood why.

    Did CFB happen to stumble on to something, and we should be testing this out? Or was this the result of a very specific metagame, and ultimately doesn't mean a thing?

    Let me know your thoughts!

  • I've been playing Loam in Dredge for the last 3 years. Its a great card for the deck.

  • playing it a bit recently with maindeck pit to kill maindeck priest, even in fatestitcher/power lists. liking it.
    that said this whole VSL list is interesting, though i don't want to admit that we live in the world where ancient grudge is better than therapy.

  • @blindtherapy I imagine the reduced Therapies has a lot to do with the deck building constraints of squeezing two dredge decks without 15 card overlap.

    Ancient Grudge is also a very good card in the current meta though. There's no better counter to Tormod's Crypt. Its also a tailored hate piece for the two prevalent decks that can win game 1's outcome/shops.