European Vintace Series @ 4Season Tournament (?1-2 September Bologna?)

  • Since MKM abandoned us and Ovino is now only a shadow of its former self, we're left with only two Vintage events in Europe: Nebraska's War (announced December 13-16 this year) and EW EU (last one with again a disappointing showing) Looking for alternatives (incidentally Andrea came to me at EW EU with the same idea) I thought about the 4Seasons Tournament and approached the TOs.

    4S had a lot of nice features: it's a (unsurprisingly) 4-stops Legacy and Modern tournament at its second complete run. Numbers have been increasing, especially with L reaching in the last one 170+ players coming from around EU. It's always held in the same venue in Bologna, city in the center of Italy with its own airport.

    TOs are Legacy specialists and would be more than happy to host a Vintage event, L has of course the premier Sunday slot, Vintage would have to be concurrent to that or Modern on Saturday. I guess that for attendance is probably better to be on Sat then to overlap with the other Eternal format.

    In the end I posted all this to have some feedback and gauge the interest in it, since beginning with a really low turn out could just kill it right away. Barring any unexpected circumstances we are definitely doing it, but we have the option of kicking off on 1-2 September or wait for the next one in December. Starting as soon as possible will obviously give the thing more time to grow, but I fear for the attendance since it's so close to August, it might be too short of a notice and I had confirmation that the guys from the other Italian Vintage League won't be able to come. Waiting for the next one might give us more time to spread the word, but has the risk of the Old School side event they started having in the June one growing too much and get us buried under the attendance comparison.

    I'm not related to TOs in any way, just want to play more Vintage, come half July will talk with them and finalize the decision. Tagging some that migh tbe interested.

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    Hi Log, really nice initiative. The dates however are too close for my taste to try to organize something for people who travel to this events and probably has the rest of the year already planned. The problem with November date is that it's very close to Nebraska (and I already know some people who are going there). I know there is some kind of excitement to try to build this asap, but maybe waiting until the beginning of 2019 around February would give it a little more space and also some time for people to see if it is worth to go. Additional hype would also help gather some people. I will reference this post in Twitter to see if people come with any ideas or would like to share their opinion on the matter.
    Europe needs some Vintage tournaments back and I'm glad you are on this 🙂

  • The winter stop of 4Seasons has been confirmed to me being 1-2 December, so definitely close to Nebraska's War.

    I'd not know how hard is to schedule such a trip since Bologna for me it's less than 1h by car, but as soon as I had just mentioned the possibility, friends from Belgium promptly booked their flight, even if only for Legacy in the end. @PeAcH

    It seems we could try to set up sort of a side event or just outright skip it to 2019.

  • That sounds great! I'd be up for it. I'm not entirely sure how many of us from our country can attend though (2 of us plan to attend Nebraska War but the rest didn't seem to be interested). I'll ask players around.

    Bologna is easily accessed and very a nice city and usually cheap which would make it perfect for us to go. Both September and December seem rather too close (September because many people already had plans for July/August) and December because of Nebraska War being held in December as well.

    (also would appreciate if Vintage would be held during the Modern event not Legacy since I'd also want to participate in that and many others most probably as well).

  • @Log this is great initiative and I really hope it will have positive outcome.
    I am afraid that you cannot count on me at least until end of this year since I am waiting another child, and I'm pretty much locked out of traveling.