(Damn, lots of these topics lately!)

I'm gonna be in Philadelphia the next few days, and it looks like tomorrow night - Thursday - I'll have some time to kill. Does anyone know any stores with Thursday-night Vintage?

I live in the city proper and don't know of any Thursday night events in my area. There's a Boyertown event on Sunday, which is about an hour and a half outside the city limits, at Deal Me In Games.

Cheers @hierarchnoble. Bummer, though I guess the odds were slim. Maybe I'll be basic and look for some Legacy or Modern . . .

I made a thread on Facebook to ask around and didn't get any further information. It seems Vintage in Philly is just two stores with monthly events at this point.

@hierarchnoble Well, good thing I didn’t pack a deck! Appreciate the hustle regardless. It’s almost like paper Vintage is uncommon nowadays...

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