Untap Vintage League | July 28th, Online Swiss League
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Not a fan of Vintage myself, but I've always appreciated the UOL leagues. Really hyped to netdeck a list last minute and do terribly lol

@awesomemrj Update: I have settled on a list 🙂

@awesomemrj Welcome to Vintage! It's a fun format and I hope you enjoy the league. What are you thinking of playing?

@aelien I honestly think that within the context of an online league with judges (what we do in the Untap Vintage League), it's not so different from playing in paper. Can people miss triggers and things? Sure. If you do, just call a judge!

Obviously a lot of us just play on modo, or at irl events. That's a great way to experience Vintage. The Untap Vintage League is just another opportunity. The users tend to be younger, but fresh blood isn't the worst thing for our format.

@filthyc4sual are you thinking of playing BUG or Czech Pile? Great way to get a little more joy out of DRS 😛

@nascarfather Probably mentor, the list looks fun. Also jeskai is favorite color combo 🙂

Alright gentlemen. Time to play nice.

There can be more than one online tournament. There can be more than one online tournament on Untap.in, and there can be more than one Discord talking about them. You can promote your own event without tearing someone else's down.

Vintage is way too small for everyone not to be on each other's team.

But on a personal note ... some advice you can take or leave:

If you ever find yourself making the statement "I am not ___ist" near the statement "[I] was misunderstood"

Consider that communication is (at least) a two-person process. You were misunderstood, but did you really have no idea that was going to happen? Is there any way, before you made the statement you're defending, that you could have predicted how others might react?

When you speak, there are consequences to you and those who hear it ... and those consequences are the same regardless of your intention. Usually these consequences are not difficult to predict, and you KNOW they're going to happen, then you're complicit in those consequences, regardless of your intention.

This is not a site rule, but it's something I try to live by, and I might be biased but I've found it makes me a more likeable guy, appeals to the sort of people I actually have an interest in talking with, and helps me sleep at night.

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