The prices of MTGO vintage cards.

So I recently started playing MTGO (a little) after a 3yr hiatus (births, toddlers, etc). I was astounded at how far the prices of power and some of the key Vintage cards have fallen ($5 for a mox?).

1.) On one hand, I was super excited that I could pretty much update a few of my older decks to tournament ready for less than $50.
2.) On the other, it was a stark contrast to paper magic, in that it was a horrible financial investment, some cards losing almost 80%+ of their financial value over that time.

Anyway......the purpose of this post was that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing MTGO, how easy it is to log on and off, and how great the experience is. I know a lot of people hate the program, mention the bugs, and of course that is justified; but when you think of how complicated a program for Magic must be, I think overall the experience is great. I love the clocks, shuffling and sideboarding are much easier, and all my opponents were nice (or at least neutral). It really is one of the best tools for getting better at playing (in just a few matches, I was able to learn some new things). We all know repetition is the key to Magic play improvement.

I've had friends on the fence about MTGO for years, but I think at current prices they are taking a look. And if someone is already into Legacy, power is extremely affordable (historically speaking).

TDLR; MTGO is historically cheap. It's a great tool for getting better.

Hope to see you soon! I'll be the newbie trying to figure out splitting flusterstorms.

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Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll give it a go again as I haven't logged on in probably 2 years or so...

Yeah, this is an excellent time to get into Vintage on MTGO. Obviously, do this for fun, not as any sort of financial investment. Good luck splitting those flusterstorms!

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