Best Dredge deck to build for testing?

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    I’m building a paper vintage “gauntlet”, just trying to have multiple different decks on hand to test against. For dredge should I build a standard version or pitch dredge? MTGO seems pitch heavy now; what have you seen in your meta? Thanks!

  • I would say not pitch. fatestitcher list of some kind is what i think is usually playable right now, but what kind of dredge you want to test against depends on what you're playing; shops wants to be able to, ideally ,beat lists with petrified field, combo wants to beat lists with unmask, etc

  • This is the one I most like:

  • I've noticed a significant increase in Paradoxical Outcome decks, which I take to mean I either need to be faster (e.g. Fatestitcher Dredge) or I need more discard (e.g. Unmask Dredge)

    I'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks, and won't have much time to play. But that's probably where I would start if I was about to get into the swing of things.

  • @oestrus

    8+ pitch spells makes Outcome a breeze.

  • Sorry if I am necroing this thread.

    Would anyone consider having a 61st card in their list?

    These are geometric distribution percentages for a 60 cards list:
    39.94996257 - Bazaar in Opener
    65.3593571 - Bazaar or Powder in Opener
    80.93533073 - Dredger in Opener
    88.65527663 - Dredger in Opener or off EoT Bazaar

    vs the numbers for having a 61 card list:
    39.39868354 - Bazaar in Opener
    64.66802567 - Bazaar or Powder in Opener
    80.31025961 - Dredger in Opener
    88.15313314 - Dredger in Opener or off EoT Bazaar

    The 61st card for fitting something in when you run out of slots in the sideboard.

  • @serberoth no. usually part of the extended sideboard ends up maindeck anyway: leylines, fields, unmasks, the occasional disenchant effect or situation Dr target.