[Podcast] SMIP # 81 - The M19 Core Set Review


Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Core Set 2019 for Vintage.
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0:01:00: The Announcement
0:05:00: Team VSL Reflections
0:11:30: Dominaria Report Card
0:35:05: Remourseful Cleric
0:43:00: Mistcaller
0:45:00: Sai, Master Thopterist
0:51:45: Tezzeret, Artifice Master
1:00:00: Infernal Reconing
1:06:43: Alpine Moon
1:10:15: Amulet of Safekeeping
1:17:10: Meteor Golem
1:20:00: Nicol Bolas, the Arisen
1:25:40: Runic Armasaur
1:36:37: Isolate
1:39:55: Nexus of Fate
1:41:42: Chromium the Mutable
ā€“ Core Set 2019 Image Gallery

Do you have a take on Emmisary of Grudges? There is some discussion in the SCD forum that it may be playable in Oath.

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