@GHitchHiker It was hard to part with this one but glad to see it go to a good home.

Also, I think it is common knowledge that Sandra owns the original Dark Rit, but it will take mid 5 figures for her to consider parting with it. Every other version would be easier to aquire! 🙂

@the-dark-fan Yea I talked to her about it and the original is going to cost me a lot of money eventually.

Hi, I'm looking for the Original Art of Life Burst (John Avon). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Defense Grid came back from framing the other day. I'm very please with how well it came out.

Defense Grid Framed

I'm only looking for one piece:

Ixidor, Reality Sculptor by Kev Walker

Unfortunately, Kev doesn't remember painting it or selling it which has left me at pretty much a dead end. Hoping that the community can help me find it eventually!

I've attached a bounty of an expedition Wasteland to anyone who leads me to it. Maybe some incentive will make the search go smoother! Ixidor is the most memorable card to me growing up. Owning the original art would be...special to say the least.

@themanasource I'll be sure to keep an eye out. You've been hunting for him for some time now, right? I had a similar experience with Kev looking for Bludgeon Brawl. The man does so many paintings he doesn't keep records of his sales. Hopefully it surfaces.

@GHitchHiker Thanks so much! Yeah I've been looking for awhile and have no intention of stopping until I find it 🙂

I'm very interested in looking for the art for Izzet Guildmage by Jim Murray. It would be "that one piece" that would make me so happy. I messaged him on FB but am doubtful that he will respond because it looks like he doesn't do much on FB. If anyone has any leads or helpful suggestions let me know.

This forum has been pretty quiet, but I thought you all might appreciate this. I wanted to share a couple pieces of art I JUST received in the mail from Drew Tucker. It isn't from magic, it is from the Werewolf roleplaying games books that were World of Darkness publishing and now are published by Onyx. I have wanted to own something by Drew Tucker for a long time, and started emailing with him about getting some custom proxies made, when he mentioned he still had some non-magic art available!

There are 2 pieces and a sketch he included, along with the two watercolors. I am so excited to get these framed, but I wanted to share them ASAP, sorry for the quality on the pictures, I don't have a very fancy smart phone.

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Image 1
Image 2

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While I am not currently in the position to buy it, I would like to start trying to hunt down the original art of Grim Monolith. Chippy anything is really hard to find, but Grim seems like it is impossible. It's one of my all-time favorite arts.

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