@vaughnbros Yeah I don't see how reshuffling helps Dredge. And Gaea's Blessing would probably be better if you wanted that. Anyway, the point was of having Chill in an Oath deck for a immediate kill. I don't think it's reliable though.

there is a card that shuffle the exiled cards in the deck?

@babau riftsweeper, but only gets 1 card

there is an artifact but I do not remember the name☹

@babau If you're thinking Ring of Ma'rûf it doesn't do that.

Hermit Druid dumping 4 Creeping Chill and 4 Bloodghast would do the trick.

Still not good, but not sure if that is aim at this point.

mirror fate.... but not work well

for great deck need effect like gaea's blessing for exile cards and go in loop with c.chill

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