2-3 on the night, splitting two matches against PO while losing to Dredge-Shops. Turn 1 Null Rod on the play games 1 and 3, followed by Hollow Ones or Dredge creatures. Wish I could have gotten some matchups against other decks but the League metagame right now tends to be a lot of PO and somewhat rogue decks. With limited interaction, you end up being unfavored especially on the draw, but I did win games and matches by being a turn 2 deck vs a turn 3 deck.

Experimental Frenzy was great on several occasions, horrifying on one occasion (when my opponent hurkyl's my artifacts to hand and the top 3 of my deck were blanks). I look forward to playing with the deck more tonight.

@chubbyrain Will you stream? I'll try to watch live.

@fsecco Streamed a league with this and the Challenge with a more competitive PO list. Top 8'd the challenge but ended up 2-3 with the Explosive Frenzy deck. I'm going to change the deck quite a bit and give it another shot.

@chubbyrain I got the notification but was on the road. Will try to watch it Tomorrow 😉

2-3 curse is alive and well XD

I tried Mishra's Workshops and Serum Powders. Hated them. Ancient Tomb is much better and you rarely wanted to Powder

Well, this card just blew up in Standard...

Because they play cheap burn and 1 and 2 drop hasties. When RDW aggro burn becomes viable in Vintage let me know, and I'll probably still play something over this.

Here's Caleb Durward playing Legacy Experimental Charbelcher, in a game state after he's traded off a lot of spells against a Grixis control/midrange deck:


Audio is muted for the first part of the video, sadly.

Card did look pretty real there.

I'm a fan of the card, but that video was not a great show of prowess. I think he won 2 out of 10 games with he deck.

Also, the audio is cut off half the time, just don't stream with music on!

@chubbyrain Do you have a list for this? I'm curious. 🙂

@ChubbyRain If you or anybody else is doing any more streams or brews with the deck I thought of very interesting card to go with the build, which I think may lead it down to more of a storm build, but you could try Lim-Dûl's Vault, as I think it could allow you to effectively draw 5 cards if you would like, set up a kill, or find the perfect pieces to any situation.

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Grafdigger’s Cage shuts this card down. So even if it was good in Legacy (hint it’s not), it would never have a chance in Vintage because of the abundance of Cage.

@rat3de What about Saheeli Rai? You could play Copy Cat combo

@gkraigher Are you talking about Expiremental Frenzy because if so there are many differences between legacy and vintage that make it quite a bit better. Also the abundance of Grafdiggers Cage never seems to stop Oath or Dredge decks.

@moorebrother1 I do not really see the use in that. Do you mind explaining it to me please.

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@rat3de There is a 2 card combo with Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian. This combo is querky but I did run it in my Saheeli Rai/Sun Titan Oath post board. With Experimental Frenzy Saheeli allows you to scry away card that block your plan and Felidar Guardian gives you a combo kill that wins that turn.

Just a thought. I may play around with it for fun.

@moorebrother1 I mean if you like the combo and want to play, then I am all for! If you are having fun, go ahead, but if you are trying to brew a viable (not necessarily competitive) deck then I think it may be too clunky and disruptable to work. Then again you are using Experimental Frenzy, so viability is probably not your primary concern.

@rat3de i'm not even going to argue the fact that dredge and oath are way better strategies to win and they made a deck/archetype by themselves.... cage was there to fight them, to stop them.
You said cage didnt made those decks disapear.... they are still around... well, maybe because they had to fight cage back? they fought it back with decays ingots etc...
How is frenzy going to fight cage back? With the shatter in your hand? Or the one in the top of your library? Hmmmm.... just curious.

I’ll post my current list when I get home but I can honestly say cage has been a nonissue in 30 matches. Part of that is my opponents aren’t aware of the interaction. Part of it is I side out some Frenzies in SB games for Karns, similar to Oath decks. Part of it is Frenzy is only a part of the game plan and it does not interact against po. And the number 1 cage deck is shops, which you bring in hurkyls against and try to kill them in a 1 turn window. Cage doesn’t disrupt this game plan.

@ChubbyRain What are your thoughts on Lim-Dûl's Vault? Worth a try in one of your experimental (pun intended) builds?

@rat3de I for one think Lim-Dul's Vault is too color intensive. For 2 colorless mana you can play an spin Top, or spin Top twice if it's in play, which seems a better use for me. Also, Top interacts very well with Frenzy since you can tap it and pay 1 to get rid of a blank. So unless you're already playing 4 Top and want 1 more, I wouldn't touch Vault.

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