It should do okay in the meta that you described. Good luck!

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@vaughnbros Thank you for your help. If anybody else has any advice, please let me know.

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I'm really digging all the advice being given in this thread. Thanks for starting it, @Rat3dE!

If you're anticipating a lot of Shops, remember that Cabal Therapy is pretty lousy against them, and there's also an argument for cutting Bridge in post-board games. Between Ravager and Ballista your Bridges aren't long for this world.

@oestrus Thank you. Would you, or anyone else mind helping me with sideboard plans for the match-ups I am expecting?

I can't imagine that Creeping Chill is where you want to be because its best case scenario is bolting your opponent's face once. If you want spice, I can instead suggest:

  1. Noxious Revival: I love this card, and it's quite good both in the maindeck, because you can play sick tricks alongside Bazaar, as well as the sideboard, where it can help you beat wastelands, surgical, and cage (by recycling anti-hate)
  2. Dread Return: This is a good option to beat Oath and otherwise accelerate your clock. I always played it with 1 wispmare and 1 ingot chewer, but aggressive targets wortk too.

I appreciate your feedback, but I have to disagree. Creeping Chill may not be very good, but I would like to argue that it has some utility in that it dodges most hate, and can help you get your opponent down to hasty Bloodghast range. I have to admit Noxious Revival does look fun, but it also less optimal than many other options. Firstly it can be pretty slow, and it gets hit by Mental Misstep. Also, if I am worried about Wasteland and such, then I can just run some number of Life from the Loam or Petrified Field (which I am already doing). Now for Dread-Return, I think that it is an amazing card in Dredge, but I would not really consider it to be spice, as it is in probably 90% of builds, and it tends to be quite weak post-sideboarding. If you have any counterarguments I would love to hear them!

@rat3de it doesn't necessarily dodge most hate; it dodges cage and priest, and can cause people to have to trigger crypt effects.

Creeping Chill also buys you some time. If you put 2 in the graveyard on turn two they can only activate Griselbrand once and have a harder time killing you that turn.

@blindtherapy And the rest of your cards dont dodge Priest or Cage in this build so you have to remove them anyway.

Do you guys have any advice for me? I know that @vaughnbros and @BlindTherapy have both already given me some, but if any of you guys have any more suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them.

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