N.Y.S.E. Open VI - 7/20/19 - Long Island, New York

And, because good things should always come in pairs, here's an NYSE Open VI qualifier for May 25th!


This will be using the London Mulligan, correct? It goes live July 12th.

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@zias said in N.Y.S.E. Open VI - 7/20/19 - Long Island, New York:

This will be using the London Mulligan, correct? It goes live July 12th.

He already said it would. He said it’s going to follow whatever the rules wizards settle on.

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Just to confirm, yes, this event will use the London mulligan.

Need more sweet news about the NYSE? How about this?

NYSE is pleased to announce that Altfest Personal Wealth Management will be sponsoring the tournament. Dave Kaplan has been with Altfest since 2017 and I have known Dave since 1999. He recently introduced the firm to NYSE and we are excited to have them join us.

Altfest is a fee-only comprehensive wealth management firm. It serves as a one stop shop for all things investment and financial planning-related which includes: reviewing collector’s insurance policies, buying a home, investments, through to retirement planning, and everything in between.

Altfest specializes in working with clients in all walks of life from young professionals to retirees, and a niche group it’s fully committed to serving is the gaming community.

On the day of the tournament, Altfest will be raffling off 3 vintage staple cards valued at $1,000, $250 and $100. Everyone who writes their name on a ticket will receive 1 raffle ticket. Everyone who is interested in learning more about Altfest and setting up an introductory phone call if we are a good match can answer a few questions and will receive 3 raffle tickets. The raffle winners will be announced before the Top 8 begins.

To learn more either come meet the Altfest team at the tournament or visit their website to arrange a complimentary meeting ahead of time: www.altfest.com


Just a reminder, but TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR $125 entry!

If you're coming, and you haven't registered, register here, and save yourself $25:



Thanks for the post Nick! I am very excited to have the opportunity to sponsor NYSE and look forward to introducing my colleagues Ben and Reza to the event. Ben is a financial advisor whose primary client base is e-sports millionaires, so we are hoping to create some Vintage millionaires as well! 🙂


For all folks who may be over the proxy limit, please send me a message, as there are community members who are happy to lend cards if you have references / collateral.


What’s a Mox Sapphire worth these days?

Any details on the FNM and/or Sunday events?

@zias Full information about the O/S event can be found here:


The Vintage FNM should be up in the next day or two. Sorry for the delay there.


Awesome, thanks for the update!

This post is deleted!

If you won an NYSE qualifier, please reach out to me with your DCI number!

I have serious fomo about missing this, but can't wait to see results. Hope everyone attending has an awesome time!

The coverage will start at 10am EST, and be up on my channel, www.twitch.tv/tmdbrassman . If you can't attend the event, we hope to see you watching 🙂

Live coverage is going on here, if you haven't already seen elsewhere:

Last I saw, Joe Brennan was headed to the finals using BUG Fish. Lots of Forge/Karn shops at the top tables. Best decks appeared to be BUG control and Karn Shops with a splash of Survival, Dreadhorde, and PO competing for a spot. I think people who played dredge had mostly a miserable time? (Correct me if I’m wrong?). I think one of the best performing might have been @Zias , who I lost to.

Anyway just my impressions from the event.

I played Doomsday, which had been testing really well online and I actually won two matches against my most difficult match (BUG control), beating the reigning champ Ryan Glackin, and lost three matches against my easiest (Karn, Shops, and Dreadhorde). I still believe the deck is really well positioned right now and i feel I could have played differently in the games that I lost.

But anyway the BUG deck is pretty attractive right I think if you want to play blue.

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Anyone know where I can find a Top 8 Decklist?

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