What content do you not get enough of?

@ChubbyRain I appreciate you asking, and I assume that you are talking about for streaming. With that in mind, I tend to enjoy watching every kind of deck, and I think that they all have their own intricacies that I feel I can appreciate as I watch someone figure them out. Now having recently bought into Pitch Dredge, I should probably try to spend some time watching some to help myself learn, but I understand how one might not want to play or watch it. The thing I was complaining about for streams is that despite having three pretty consistent vintage streamers, they all seem to play similar decks, and that can begin to feel repetitive. I understand that you guys are all practicing for EW and I respect that, but as a viewer anything goes as long as in my total intake their is variety.

I sincerely hope that once this month is out of the way (and my life settles down into some normalcy with this trip to Wisconsin out of the way) that I can settle back into a normal streaming schedule. Hopefully. 😕

@volrathxp I hope so to, and wish you the best of luck. FYI your twitch name is slightly different from your TMD name, so people may have a hard time finding your channel.

@rat3de yeah. I am aware. Had to add an x at the end. I can't for the life of me remember why that was.

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

@thecravenone we'll be streaming our year-end invitational in December. Patrick is interested in getting a stream going for all of our events after that, so he and I will be going to Home Depot in the next week or two to try to assemble a camera rig. I might ask for some tips from you on the computer/internet side of it.

@stuart Not on the computer part but please test your lighting setup beforehand. If there are windows nearby and the tournament will span multiple lighting conditions, test those, too. Since y'all allow proxies, I recommend requiring that they be official art and color so that the commentary and the viewers can recognize them.

@thecravenone Won't that just undermine the authentic, underground element of it? We were thinking poor lighting, sharpied basics, and someone spilling their drink all over the finals midway through game 2.

@stuart 😂 I cannot laugh harder. Thanks for that.

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