3/26 - Boston, MA - Pandemonium Vintage

  • Fortunately, we have a local event at Pandamonium in Cambridge, MA this weekend. Unfortunately, this means i'll have to miss this month's P9. Good luck to everyone attending!


  • @bschl Pandemonium does Vintage? How often?

  • @darkr3x Vintage events at Pandemonium takes three forms.

    1. Weekly unlimited proxdy vintage events every Tuesday starting at 6:30pm $5 Entry
    2. The newer 'hopefully' monthly vintage events on Saturdays. These are still unsanctioned but allow only 15 proxy. $25 Entry
    3. Semi-regular power/1K events $35 - $50 entry 15 proxy

    I'm the TO for these events so if you have any other questions let me know. Once the new drawn goes live I will be making sure to have the information posted where appropriate.

  • @Llanowar thanks for jumping in Craig!

  • TMD Supporter

    @darkr3x I highly recommend checking it out. Good times. Good people. Nice casual vibe, though tight play is available too. TONS of varieties of decks. I try to make it anytime I am in Boston for business.

  • 32 players showed up today. Was a lot of fun as usual.

    For those curious, it sounds like there won't be an event at Pandemonium in April, but starting in may it could be monthly?

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